Blog 2nd of June 2019

Tips on How to Become a Morning Person.


There are several advantages to getting an extra early start in the morning. This is the time of day when your body and mind are the most rested and your motivation is at its highest point. In addition, there are fewer distractions in the early hours of the morning, making it easier to think deeply and clearly and engage creatively with projects.

People are naturally wired to be most productive at the first light of day, too, which explains why highly successful people wake even before the sun rises, including Apple CEO Tim Cook, Virgin Group founder Richard Bransen, and PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi.

If you tend to be a night owl, but this information has you intrigued, here are some tips for training yourself to become a morning person.

 Define Your Motive

 As with any goal, you need a solid reason or reward for it to be motivating. Determine a meaningful motive for making the change of getting up early and put it down on paper.
Whether you want to be able to cook a healthy breakfast, go for a run, or write down your tasks for the day over coffee, being clear about your motive from the get-go will set you up for unchanging motivation and success.

 Get 7 to 9 Hours of Sleep

 Instead of working your wake time around your usual sleep time, do the opposite by developing an effective wind-down routine about 10 hours before your desired wake time.
Take a warm bath, meditate, do breathing exercises, or read.
Dim the lights for this wind-down time and turn off all electronic devices.
There are also phytotherapy products and other natural remedies available to help you relax and get restful sleep.
What time you go to sleep is just as important as what time you get up in the morning. The restorative processes that occur in your body while you sleep cannot be replaced any other time of day.

 Create a Sleep Sanctuary

 All the other methods to make you a morning person will be ineffective if you don't have a sleep-promoting bedroom environment. Your room needs to be free of clutter, and it's important that you make your bed every morning so that it's inviting when it's time for bed. The ideal temperature for sleeping is between 60 and 69 degrees, and the bedroom should be completely dark. Also, consider switching your color scheme to tones that are soothing to you.

 Seize the Day!

 Remember that you have chosen to try this morning person approach to life and start the day on a positive note. Instead of feeling the pressure of all the things you have to do that day, be grateful that you are alive and well to do them. The first few mornings may be a little challenging, but as with anything worthwhile, taking on your new persona as a highly productive morning person will take some will power and resilience. Hang in there and allow yourself to reap the productive benefits.

Guest Blog from: Elise Morgan.

I wish you a fabulous week!
Warm Regards, 
Lieve Plasch 

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