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Balans Therapy Betuwe

Francis Wilmerink in Beesd, 'Balans Therapy Betuwe' was created by Francis connection with the therapy form NEI. She saw that more people were interested in the topic of herbal healing, and decided to help. Francis followed a course to NEI coach.

NEI is a unique, effective and beautiful method to quickly reach the core of old-emotional blockages and old patterns and then releasing them. NEI can help with complaints such as headaches, allergies, insomnia, infertility and stress.

Children and NEI go very well together. It may be that children have difficulty at school, with friends / girl or boyfriends or at their sports club. Even with vague complaints such as headaches or the often heard complaint of abdominal pain, NEI can shed more light on the problem.

It costs 50 euros per consultation of 75 minutes. This rate includes VAT. A treatment can only be made by appointment and you can pay in cash. If you have any further questions about the therapy or would you like to make an appointment? Mail to balanstherapiebetuwe@gmail.com, call 06 - 51 00 28 23 or go to their Facebook page.

In Balance Therapy Betuwe you can also go for a customized Go4Balance advice. The herbal drops, creams and the Clear Skin range to address skin impurities can also be found here.

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Balans Therapie Betuwe Francis Wilmerink
Achterstraat 18
4153 AR Beesd, Netherlands