I give energy and vitality.

Are you tired, feeling lethargic, lacking energy and vitality? Do you experience a lack of self-confidence, courage or energy to really start making progress in life? Are you feeling down and can't seem to pull yourself together?
Take 3 x 7 to 3 x 10 Empower herbal drops (adult dose) or 3 x 5 to 3 x 3 (children dose) to start feeling energetic again.

Empower herbal drops are a real booster! They: 
  • ignite the fire inside you and stimulate body and mind for more energy. 
  • are the perfect remedy when you're going through a rough period that demands a lot of energy from your body (such as illness, burnout, recovery after surgery or childbirth, etc.). 
  • are beneficial to, twice a year (in spring and autumn), cleanse your body of waste (detox) and emotional toxins (irritation, frustration, anger, etc.).
empower. herbal drops


When should you choose the Empower herbal drops? 
  • If you're wanting to detox. 
  • During periods of fatigue and recovery after surgery, burn-out and childbirth.
  • After excessive consumption of fat, sugar and alcohol - thanks to the cleansing effects on the liver. 
  • When you start a diet/healthier lifestyle.


Power herbal drops are made up of the following natural ingredients:

Milk thistle

Offering support for your liver. 
Birch and Nettle
These two ingredients are known for their purifying characteristics.
Centaury and Rosemary
A combination well-suited to help you deal with stress, fatigue and signs of physical weakness.
Gulden primrose
A calming effect for irritability - but also soothes headaches and migraines, which often occurs when you begin a new detox regime.
Contributes to the purification of the liver and gallbladder.
Promotes blood circulation and is therefore a beneficial remedy against tired muscles.

Frequently Asked Questions

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empower. herbal drops

Our empower. user experience.

My stomach cramps are finally gone!! 👍 I've been taking the Empower herbal drops for a couple of days now and they've cleared out my head. A positive result for me! Regards, Sophie
Sophie from Gooik
Empower gives me energy and they also cleanse my liver, which is my sore point. I combine them with Trust herbal drops in the evening and feel more balanced. Fine bottles, smooth answers to my questions. Thank you, Lieve!
Lies from Ieper
My therapist recommended me these herbal drops. They have helped me a great deal in restoring my energy level. After only a few days I have become a lot less lethargic, and slowly started working out again.
Kathy from Zedelgem
I heard about these herbal drops via my wife. I'm generally against supplements, yet she was able to convince me. Thankfully so, because the Empower drops helped me overcome my winter blues and 'power drain'. A convinced consumer.
Eddy from Roeselare
Dear Lieve, the first time that I took the Empower drops - believe it or not - five minutes later I was not tired anymore! It was a bit weird, but I loved it. I have never experienced something like that. Thank you for your advice.
Monique from Dilbeek
I have been taking these drops since last fall with very fine results. I use them regularly, 2 to 3 times a day, and they make me feel really good.
Rob from Mechelen
I have way more energy when I take Empower. I use these drops during breakfast and occasionally in the afternoon in case my energy level drops again. Instant results!
Aad from Amersfoort
Dear Ms. I was inactive for six months last year due to burnout. I changed to another position in January but it was still very difficult on me. On a demonstration of your herbal drops in the 'Nature House' in Antwerp, they advised me to start taking the Empower drops in combination with the Trust drops. At first, I was a little reluctant, but curious nonetheless about what these drops could potentially do for me. Today I'm convinced! Since about one month ago, I feel so much better. I take 7 Empower drops in the morning at breakfast, and they literally make me feel more energetic and powerful to start my day. Finally, I'm headed to the office fit again. In the afternoon I take another 7 empower drops with a glass of water and some fruit instead of coffee or soda. This extra booster makes me very productive in the afternoon as well. In the evening I take the Trust herbal drops, half an hour before bedtime - incredible! I sleep through the night without waking up and am very fresh when the morning comes. Greetings from a convinced Go4Balance user.
Tina from Schoten
I have been experiencing hot flashes and night sweats due to my menopause for three years. We tried everything, without results! In August I discovered the Enjoy 45+ herbal drops and have been taking them for 12 weeks now, with excellent results!rnI combine them with the Empower herbal drops during the day and my body is more and more in balance. I am such a fan of this natural line. I recommend it to all my friends.
Claudia from Linz.
On weekends we like to go out for dinner, because I cook rather pure and fresh (vegetarian, macrobiotic) dishes during the week. But a restaurant meal can be quite heavy and I often notice that I have less energy and am in a bad mood on Monday because of that. I then started taking the Empower drops instead of my normal drops for one day and immediately felt better. Thank you for the lovely drops.
Chris from Antwerp
I saw an advert on Facebook for the Empower herbal drops, and I went to the organic food shop 'Färm', where they informed and helped me about its application. I now use the Empower herbal drops on a daily basis: at breakfast and in the afternoon. I have been doing this for five weeks now. This is a very fine natural product with a quick and effective result. I am very satisfied with it.
Delphine from Brussels

Our therapist's experiences.

Herbal drops Go4Balance are great to use for a myriad of my patients' complaints in my practice ('Ekilibre'). Both my clients and myself are very satisfied with these simple yet effective herbal drops. They works for both emotional and physical blockages, and also help with problems that have been there for years. The drops have given me tons of energy, perfect for the times we currently live in. They worked immediately and function on a soulful level.
Els from Nieuwerkerken
Dear Lieve, I have to admit that the herbal drops work, I am convinced!! They had a positive effect on a patient of mine, who couldn't gain control of her candy addiction. The Trust drops in combination with the Empower drops supported her wonderfully. Another patient, who was going through a mourning period, saw a great change from the moment that I prescribed the Enjoy drops for the day and in the evening, and the Focus drops for the late afternoon. The herbal drops provided a nice added value to my therapy. I am glad that I am able to work with these natural products. Thanks!
Frauke from zellik