I bring comfort during menopause.

Are you an active woman between 45 and 55 years old? Do you often have to cope with the discomfort of menopause?
Does your menopause sometimes cause hot flashes, mood swings, sweating at night, stress, weight gain, tiredness or any other negative effects?

Then try the Enjoy 45+ herbal drops and remedy these discomforts in a natural way.
Take 3 x 7 to 3 x 10 Enjoy 45+ herbal drops every day. They help you cope with these discomforts so that you can thrive during this new and important phase, with plenty of confidence.
enjoy 45+ herbal drops


When should you consider Enjoy 45+?
In times of menopause, and when you experience night sweats, vaginal dryness, fatigue (whether by sleep or other factors).

45+ Enjoy herbal drops
  • give you natural support.
  • reduces your hot flashes.
  • eliminates mood swings and stress.
  • are a synergy of seven herbs and generate a relaxed and positive feeling.
  • are for women during menopause who want to enjoy life whilst feeling great!


Enjoy 45+ herbal drops support your transformation process. A process that gives you the opportunity to evolve on the inside, despite the demanding expectations of the outside world. These drops help you to re-gain the physical and emotional maternal energy that you have been blessed with, and to be more confident with self-awareness and a high self-esteem.


Balm mint 
Has a calming and relaxing effect. It induces sleep and revitalises the nervous system, making it a perfect natural ingredient for irritability and insomnia.
Lady's mantle 
Is a diuretic, which means that it helps to fight fluid retention.
Hops and sage 
Helps to remedy the discomforts experienced during menopause, such as hot flashes, sweating at night, vaginal dryness, mood swings, irritability and osteoporosis. Hop also has a calming effect and promotes better sleep.
Black cohosh
Has a calming and mood-improving effect.
Next to a calming effect, this herb also restores vitality that is often lost due to stress.
A great tonic for tiredness. Common nettle has a detoxifying effect and promotes the drainage of waste material in the body.

Frequently Asked Questions

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enjoy 45+ herbal drops

Our enjoy 45+ user experience.

The Enjoy 45+ herbal drops are 100% natural, and support me during my hot flashes and sweating at night. In this way, it has relieving me of my menopausal discomforts.
Kathy from Tongeren
They work very well! I sleep through the night again, fantastic! No chemical rubbish. Thank you very much!
Sabine from Tongeren
I found out about the Enjoy 45+ via Facebook. Fine drops, very supportive to my hot flashes and sweating. Smooth delivery. Recommended!
Esther from Nijmegen
Dear, I have been using Enjoy 45 + herbal drops 3x a day for a week now. I am beginning to find myself feeling a lot better. I sleep well and feel more positive. It is highly recommended because I am 66 years old.
Magda from Antwerpen
I discovered the Enjoy 45+ drops at the 'Nature House', and it's been a very meaningful support for my menopausal symptoms. I had previously taken several different plant-based medications, but unfortunately with very little success. These droplets do just fine for me and I was feeling better after just a few days. I occasionally combine them with the Empower drops for more energy. Fine product range!
Annelies from Schoten
Ever since I have been taking the Enjoy 45+ herbal drops in order to alleviate my menopausal discomforts, I have been feeling much better! My mood swings are now under control and the hot flushes and sweating at night have significantly decreased.Thank you for introducing me to these wonderful drops.
Annemie from Beersel
Dear Ms, I have been taking the 45+ herbal drops for eight weeks now, and already I've managed to control my menopausal symptoms. My hot flashes and up and down emotions are almost completely gone. The first four weeks, I took 3x10 drops, as recommended, and now I'm taking just 3x7 drops. I truly recommend these herbal drops for women who suffer from menstrual symptoms.
Kristien from Halle
I have been experiencing hot flashes and night sweats due to my menopause for three years. We tried everything, without results! In August I discovered the Enjoy 45+ herbal drops and have been taking them for 12 weeks now, with excellent results!rnI combine them with the Empower herbal drops during the day and my body is more and more in balance. I am such a fan of this natural line. I recommend it to all my friends.
Claudia from Linz.
Through Facebook, I discovered the Enjoy 45+ herbal drops and can only recommend them to other women. A great natural product and fast results.
Christina from Berlin
Menopause symptoms are finally under control. My hot flashes and hormonal fluctuations are no more. I'm balanced again because of the Enjoy 45+ drops, enjoying a finer life.
Sien from Gouda
Hello Lieve,rnI have been taking the Enjoy 45+ herbal drops for a while now, because I am pre-menopausal. The effects have been great! My night sweats, bloating, and mood swings are in control. and my period is a lot lighter. I am a very happy customer, thank you!
Katia from Grimbergen
The enjoy 45+ drops have offered me great support. I used to suffer quite a bit from mood swings. Ever since I started using the drops, it has fiercely declined. I'm more relaxed and I can once again enjoy the things I do.
Suzy from Brughes
Fine droplets that helped me really well. Night sweats are gone, and I feel like I'm in control of my emotions again. I can definitely recommend this product to other women. Thank you for the advice and comprehensive information.
Greetje from Hoorn