I bring joy and relaxation in times of stress.

Do you suffer from stress? Is it difficult for you to relax?
Are you highly sensitive?
Do you suffer from depression and /or mood swings?

Take 3 x 7 to 3 x 10 Enjoy herbal drops (adults) or 3 x 3 to 3 x 5 (children) for a calming effect. 
Enjoy herbal drops:
  • increases your resistance to stress, and helps you enjoy life more freely. 
  • brings joy to your heart and makes you emotionally stronger to cope with every day life. 
  • gives you a sense of vitality, allowing you to feel more liberated.
  • has an uplifting and emotionally stabilising effect on depression.
  • improves your mood and helps alleviate signs of depression, excessive emotions and moodiness.
  • is an ideal synergy for highly-sensitive children and adults.
enjoy. herbal drops


When should you try the Enjoy herbal drops?
  • When you suffer from psychosomatic and chronic pain caused by stress, such as headaches, migraines, colds, and digestive problems.
  • If you suffer from painful period cramps, and want a relaxed and positive feeling during PMS and menopause.


Enjoy herbal drops helps you find peace and inner balance. They provide you the strength to understand and accept the things that are going on in your life. By accepting what is, our emotions are set free to generate more joy. They also bring comfort when you're going through the process of grieving.


Enjoy herbal drops are a synergy of seven herbs:
Lady's mantle
Helps soothe painful menstruation and relieves menstrual cramps.
Calms your nerves, has an uplifting effect, and balances your mind.
Strengthens your stress resistance.
Soothes and reduces digestive problems.
Is a famous assistant for depression.
Has a regulatory effect for irregular menstruation, and excessive sweating during menopause. Sage also has a relaxing effect on the nervous system.
Strengthens the immune system.

Frequently Asked Questions

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enjoy. herbal drops

Our enjoy. user experience.

Hi Lieve, I have successfully experienced one year of treatment with therapy as well as the Enjoy and Trust herbal drops. I would like to thanks you so much for everything that we have achieved together. After a long period of depression, Lieve has taught me to love myself once again, rediscover my self-confidence, rediscover myself, and many more positive influences ! Unbelievable! I am still in therapy with Lieve, and, together with the herbal drops, I have got a grip on my life again. Thank you Lieve.
Sandra from Lot
I discovered the Enjoy drops through Instagram and finally feel more comfortable in my skin!rnrn I am less emotional and I am stronger at work, thanks to Go4Balance.
Aloisa from Wien
High sensitivity is my middle name. In taking the Enjoy drops I can now successfully deal with stress. I've become stronger again. Sometimes, when I have difficulty sleeping, I combine them with the Trust drops. Superb products, and great advice whenever I have a question.
Mayke from Alkmaar
I felt "down" for no apparent reason, perhaps hormonal. After taking a few doses of "Enjoy", this feeling disappeared completely!
Julie from Leuven
In taking the Enjoy herbal drops, I'm finally able to let go. I used to worry so much about my surroundings, and it affected my mood very easily. By letting go, I put everything into perspective. I've got a lot more lust for life, and have become much more dynamic and adventurous. Life is beautiful, and the Enjoy herbal drops have made me realize this again.
Kris from Bornem
Last November, I was diagnosed with CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). Since, I have been looking for a solution to make myself feel calm and relaxed again. I absolutely didn't want to take traditional medication, so I began searching for something different. I saw the Go4Balance drops in my health food store. I was immediately attracted to the green and blue bottles! I'm so happy with the Enjoy drops, they give me a relaxed feeling and make me feel much more balanced. Meanwhile, I've started acupuncture and it works well for me too! I take the Trust drops in the evening, because I'm a very bad sleeper. The fear and anxiety of not being able to sleep is gone and my sleep quality has improved significantly. It's so nice to feel more balance in my life again.
Christel from Brussels
The Enjoy drops support me during the stressful days before my menstruation. I have noticed that I am less touchy and oversensitive! I am very satisfied with the Enjoy drops. They make sure that I am more relaxed during my difficult days and less moody. Even my daughter of 15 benefits from them!
Shelly from Halle
Hi Lieve, Last year I experienced an intense divorce. I was literally going through a valley of deep emotions! My doctor advised me the Enjoy drops. After a few days using the Enjoy drops, in the morning and in the evening, I felt more relaxed and my emotions also became more positive! I can also deal better with the stress of co-parenting. Occasionally I also take the Focus drops, they help me to deal with difficult moments and to take a step back when experiencing bad thoughts. I am gradually trying to shape my new life. I'm happy that I am doing it in a natural way - step by step, instead of dumping it on anti-depressants!
Chantal from Oostende
We are now three weeks in with using the Trust herbal drops, and I'm feeling good! I can sleep and wake up with Trust. Enjoy has also been a good help for me and my partner while preparing for our upcoming trip! He can speak to his family without getting high blood pressure during those conversations. Enjoy helps me to stay calm when not everything goes forward as desired.
Trude from Gent
I am highly sensitive and absorb a lot of energy from my surroundings. Enjoy herbal drops have helped me to deal with these tensions and stress. Thanks for the quick delivery and personal advice.
Marjolein from Drenthe
Lieve, my health therapist recommended these Enjoy herbal drops to me. I can feel them making me stronger in this emotionally active period I'm in. After only a few days I felt much more relaxed, and could once again see the bright side of life. Truly fine droplets.
Sofie from Dendermonde
Thank you, Lieve, for your response. I received the Enjoy drops yesterday, and tried them right away. I have already experienced a huge difference - that is to say: improvement. Warmest of regards, Elly🌸🍀🌸
Elly from Hogeveen

Our therapist's experiences.

Herbal drops Go4Balance are great to use for a myriad of my patients' complaints in my practice ('Ekilibre'). Both my clients and myself are very satisfied with these simple yet effective herbal drops. They works for both emotional and physical blockages, and also help with problems that have been there for years. The drops have given me tons of energy, suitable for the times we currently live in. They worked immediately and function on a soulful level.
Els from Nieuwerkerken