I bring concentration and structure.

Do you suffer from concentration problems and find it hard to maintain focus? 
Do you find it difficult at times to put things into perspective? Perhaps you feel absent in your life?
Are you often forgetful?

Take 3 x 10 to 3 x 7 Focus herbal drops (adult dose) or 3 x 3 to 3 x 5 (children dose).

Focus herbal drops:
  • helps you gain and hold concentration.
  • positively impacts your ability to learn.
  • results in an agile body and sharper mind.

Focus herbal drops is recommended for students, especially during exams, as it sharpens the mind. It also helps you maintain focus, and mentally map out an overview of your life more easily.
Focus herbal drops are also beneficial for the effects of ageing, as it promotes memory function, strengthens the heart, and ensures a healthy life.
focus. herbal drops


When should you choose Trust herbal drops?
  • If you suffer from cold hands and poor blood circulation in general.
  • If you suffer from headaches or migraines.
  •  Please note: Focus herbal drops contain flavonoids such as those found in Ginkgo and should therefore never be taken in combination with blood-thinning (anticoagulant) medicines.

Focus herbal drops contribute to a better blood flow and improves mental stamina.
It's also a great tonic for the heart and blood vessels. Feel free to call them an elixir of youth.


Focus herbal drops assists you in connecting with your conscious, and puts things into perspective. Your mind will feel rejuvenated, and you'll start to see things with new and fresh eyes. Focus drops are like oxygen to your cells, they open your heart chakra and you see life from a perspective of light and love.


improves both the blood supply and circulation. It is a revitalising herb which has a positive effect throughout the body.
Stimulates the brain and therefore offers assistance to cope with a lack of concentration, mental fatigue and poor memory. is an effective aid for those with memory or sensory disorders. Gingko improves circulatory system function from top to toe, even within the tiniest capillaries within the brain; its flavonoids ensure that the brain receives enough oxygen
Is most famous for its stimulating effect on the brain and helps to avoid breaks in concentration, mental exhaustion and memory loss.rnHyssop increases alertness and mental clarity.rn
Is a powerful herb which increases capillary circulation. The flavonoids it contains also function as antioxidants and will help to counteract migraine, headaches and facial pain. 
has been named the ultimate cardiac tonic, working against heart-related physical and emotional symptoms. The flavonoids in hawthorn work very efficiently towards minimising common circulatory problems that lead to cold hands and feet, ringing in the ears or tinnitus, and poor memory. 
Small Pimpernel
Has a very positive effect upon one's mind and intellectual capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

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focus. herbal drops

Our focus. user experience.

I wasn't sure what to choose in order to rid me of my mental anxiety and concentration problems, so thank you for advising me on the combination of Focus and Trust Mild herbal drops. After just one day, I experienced such a huge difference compared to before! I'm so glad that it worked so fast and that you were awfully kind in helping me find the natural products I needed.
Astrid from Leeuwaarden
I've gained complete control of my migraines with these Focus drops. I use the Trust drops at night. The combination of Focus during the day and Trust in the evening work very well for me. Thanks Lieve!
Christina from Sint-Pieters-Leeuw
These yellow drops have improved ability to focus a lot. I take them before I go to class and I can feel my attention and concentration getting stronger after just 10 minutes. Precious product.
Jacolien from Helmond
My concentration has greatly improved with the Focus herbal drops. From day one, I feel mentally fresh and alert. Delivery is always smooth, and I like the handwritten note attached.
Janske from Apeldoorn
If I have to study or go to class, I take the Focus herbal drops. Even when I feel that a headache is coming up, I apply some Focus herbal drops to my forehead and temples, and the pain disappears. After a hectic day, before bedtime, I take Trust herbal drops and it is heaven sent - I sleep so much better!
Chris from Antwerp
I saw the focus drops in the 'Discover Nature' food store in Diest. A good friend of mine is a loyal user of your product range. I have been persuaded to try them and I haven't regret it for a minute. These Focus drops are my loyal companion during my exams! I can concentrate very well me and don't have a need for long breaks anymore.
Kathleen from Diest
Dear Ms. Plasch, After a serious accident, I've suffered from migraine for years, for which I took traditional migraine medication for. But I suffered from bad side effects, such as feeling groggy. I started taking seven Focus herbal drops in December, and I'm feeling good doing so. My migraines have been greatly reduced and I, once again, have the mental freshness to read and even study. I started learning Italian in January, and before I go to class I take a few Focus drops. My ability to focus during class is absolutely superb! It feels like my mind is back and has gained youthfulness and freshness along the way. I wish I knew about these before!
Chantal from Diepenbeek
So far, I am delighted about the effects that the Trust Mild herbal drops have on my son who suffers from ADHD. It even has long-lasting effects - like when we accidentally forget to give him his drops!
Bianca from Helmond
I have regained clarity in my mind with these Focus herbal drops. I am highly concentrated at work, and am full of positive energy. I take about 10 drops in the morning, and I repeat this procedure at 2 in the afternoon. My daughter likes to take them when she studies for her exams. It helps her study much more smoothly. A very fine natural product with a very swift result.
Suus from Balen
Dear Lieve, My son has been taking the Focus drops for four months now, before he goes to school. Both his teacher and myself are very pleased with the positive effect on his ability to concentrate. My son is no longer so easily distracted, his attention is now on the topic and he has become more structured in his homework. His mood has improved significantly and he now enjoys going to school. His grades at Christmas were surprisingly good! We are glad that we have learned from our doctor about the drops. The teacher has already recommended the drops to other children who are suffering from concentration problems.
Annie from Lennik
My 14-year-old son has been using the Focus herbal drops and Focus cream for several weeks to improve his concentration. He feels better about himself and finally enjoys going to school. He's received positive feedback from his teachers, who say that there is more attention during the lessons. I'm happy to have discovered these products via the internet. I myself benefit greatly from the Enjoy 45+ Mild herbal drops.
Catherine from Montpellier
I am very happy with the Trust mild and Focus herbal drops. My son with autism and ADHD went up several levels at school, and he can focus better in class. Even in the evening he is quieter. I spent years researching for the right resource - and this is it!.
Cisca from Assen

Our therapist's experiences.

For about a year now, I have used the GO4BALANCE products in my health practice 'Health & Care'. The results are very positive. Taking into account the four elements (earth, water, air and fire) and the kinesiological testing, I can recommend the right product(s). Some of my clients need a more mental/psyche solution, others require something on a more physical level, depending on what they themselves need at a certain point in time. Trust, Enjoy, Empower and Focus add value to my practice, and complement my people-centred philosophy.
Cindy from Vollezele
Dear Lieve, I have to admit that the herbal drops work, I am convinced!! They had a positive effect on a patient of mine, who couldn't gain control of her candy addiction. The Trust drops in combination with the Empower drops supported her wonderfully. Another patient, who was going through a mourning period, saw a great change from the moment that I prescribed the Enjoy drops for the day and in the evening, and the Focus drops for the late afternoon. The herbal drops provided a nice added value to my therapy. I am glad that I am able to work with these natural products. Thanks!
Frauke from Zellik
Herbal drops Go4Balance are great to use for a myriad of my patients' complaints in my practice ('Ekilibre'). Both my clients and myself are very satisfied with these simple yet effective herbal drops. They works for both emotional and physical blockages, and also help with problems that have been there for years. The drops have given me tons of energy, perfect for the times we currently live in. They worked immediately and function on a soulful level.
Els from Nieuwerkerken