I provide support during the male menopause.

Did you know that from the age of forty-five, male testosterone levels begin to gradually drop? The hormone testosterone is responsible for many functions, such as the libido, erectile strength and immunity, as well as an optimal functioning of the brain, bones and muscles. Testosterone therefore plays an important regulatory role in the physical, emotional and mental well-being of men.

In addition to a healthy and varied lifestyle which includes making time for relaxation and exercise and respecting the importance of a good night's rest, Go4Balance Menpower 45 + herbal drops, with their powerful synergy of 7 herbs, offer emotional, mental and physical comfort at the time of the male menopause, also known as the andropause.
menpower 45+ herbal drops

When to use?

Lower testosterone levels can give the following symptoms:
  • hot flushes, excessive sweating
  • erection disorders
  • lack of libido
  • reduced muscle strength or reduced physical endurance
  • moodiness, symptoms of depression
  • brittle bones/osteoporosis
  • anaemia
  • lethargy, fatigue

Simultaneous to this decrease in testosterone, production of the female hormone oestrogen increases. The result of this increase is an accumulation of fatty deposits around the abdomen and hips. This can often explain the older man's 'beer belly'.

When to use Menpower 45 + herbal drops 

Menpower 45+ herbal drops provide a valuable supplement for men who are experiencing age-related changes to their hormone levels.
In addition to balancing testosterone levels, these drops also help provide emotional and mental comfort.
They contribute to a feeling of rest and have a stabilizing effect on one's state of mind. They bring relaxation in times of stress and play a valuable role in the treatment of mild feelings of depression and mood swings.

Please note: Protect Plus is solely recommended for adult men going through the male menopause.
Menpower 45 + herbal drops should not be combined with oral hypertension therapy, oral or injected anti-diabetic therapy, or anti coagulant therapy.

Directions for use: Take 7 to 10 herbal drops in a small amount of water and repeat 3 times a day, not later than 5.00 pm

Combinations: Menpower 45 + herbal drops can be successfully combined with Go4Balance's other herbal drop variants, including Trust, Empower and Protect Plus.


Oats (Avena sativa) have a powerful effect upon the central nervous system. This natural ingredient will increase your levels of relaxation and lift the mood in periods of mild depression.

Dandelion has a powerful healing effect and contains many vitamins and minerals, especially potassium.This herb cleanses the gall bladder and liver and, because it breaks down liver fats, is an effective diuretic. Recent research shows that the humble dandelion also helps to cure various tumors.

Ashwaganda is one of the most powerful natural methods of reducing feelings of stress, anxiety and worry. Furthermore, Ashwaganda contributes to a healthy balance between many important hormones in the body. These include testosterone, oestrogen, cortisol, prolactin, serotonin and many others. Through this effect Ashwaganda contributes to male hormonal balance.

Carnosic acid found in rosemary can block the storage of abdominal fat and helps to fight the beer belly which is, in male menopause, not necessarily related to alcohol but to a decrease in testosterone and a slight increase in oestrogen.

Tribulus terrestris is very capable of dealing with erectile dysfunction in a natural way. Tribulus is also used to treat kidney stones, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and also functions as a diuretic. Furthermore, Tribulus has a protective effect on both the kidneys and the liver.

Authentic sarsaparilla
Sarsaparilla is a natural hormonal regulator. This natural medicine contains steroidal saponins which provide the precursor for the body's own steroid production. Furthermore, sarsaparilla is also a good diuretic, simultaneously working to purify the blood.

Turmeric is best known as a liver elixir. Because of its powerful antioxidant effect, this natural remedy is able to restore the liver when damaged by free radicals or a high-fat diet. Turmeric may also drastically reduce the effects of hormonal imbalance such as gynaecomastia or male breast formation. Curcumin is the main substance in turmeric that brings about this root's many beneficial effects. Turmeric is often used to reduce belly fat as it will block or rectify internal levels of inflammation.

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menpower 45+ herbal drops

Our menpower 45+ user experience.

The Trust drops and Trust cream assist me perfectly with my sleep problems. I noticed a change within about four weeks, and I feel that my body is recovering well. I feel that the way of nature is the right one! In fact, my husband also benefits from your Menpower 45+ drops. Also, your blogs inspire me in the search for a more conscious life. Thank you Ms. Plasch.
Muriel from Saint- Etienne