I bring peace to your mind.

Trust Mild herbal drops have a calming effect and help you cope with the stress of every day.
Children (such as overburdened students and hyperactive children) and adults (worriers and people who are often under psychological stress) can use the Trust Mild herbal drops in order to cope more effectively with these feelings of fear and unrest.

Are you anxious? Do you worry a lot and find that your mind is overstimulated?
Do you find it hard to concentrate throughout the day?
Do you suffer from ADD/ADHD? 
Is it hard for you to sleep at night?

Trust Mild herbal drops:
  • are a neurotonic that reinforces sensitive nerves.
  • bring peace to hyperactive children, and those who are overly stimulated (e.g. fear of failure during the examinations).
  • helps adults who are prone to mulling to cope with feelings of fear and anxiety more effectively.

Take 3 x 7 to 3 x 10 Trust Mild herbal drops (adults) or 3 x 3 to 3 x 5 (children) for a positive effect on your mood and calming effect on your mind and body.
trust mild. herbal drops


Trust Mild herbal drops have a calming effect for mild migraines or the effect of a 'racing heart' due to anxiety.

When should you choose Trust Mild herbal drops?
  • If you feel the effects of over-stimulation, ADHD, and other forms of hyperactivity, as these drops give a calming effect coupled with increased concentration.
  • If your child wets the bed due to fear and anxiety.
  • If you feel overwhelmed during the day, and would like a peaceful feeling without feeling sleepy. 
  • If you would like to improve your concentration and mood.
Also, In case you're already on traditional medication, e.g. antidepressants, you can safely combine them with Trust Mild herbal drops.


Just like the Trust herbal drops, the Trust Mild herbal drops ensure a stable and peaceful disposition. It's a useful aid for mental overstimulation, and acts as a filter that encourages happy thoughts and feelings.
The result? A brighter and more clear mind throughout your daily activities.


Is known for its anxiety-treating and relaxing effect. This flower can remedy overactivity, nervousness, agitation, stress, restlessness and irritability. 
Helps the body to alleviate stress-related symptoms, such as nervousness and exhaustion.
Calms the nerves, soothes and restores mental equilibrium. And due to its balancing characteristics, it also removes depressed feelings and restores inner harmony.
Californian Poppy
Helps remove nervousness and feelings of guilt.
Lime Blossom

Helps against restlessness and nervousness, as well as digestive problems due to anxiety. It also prevents insomnia in children and has a calming effect for those living with ADHD.
Balm Mint

Helps get rid of stress and other minor states of anxiety. This herb is very well-suited for children, even infants, thanks to its mild effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

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trust mild. herbal drops

Our trust mild. user experience.

I discovered the Trust Mild drops on Facebook, and decided to give them to my nine-year-old son three times a day for more rest. From the fourth week, I noticed a positive change in him. rnFor myself, I take the Trust drops at bedtime together with the Trust cream and my sleep quality has improved enormously. I am so happy with these Belgian products and thanks to Lieve for her advice on the choice of the appropriate drops.
Anneliese from Baden-Württemberg
Good afternoon, I've been using the Trust mild for two days, and what a difference! I deal with a lot of turmoil in my body, but these herbal drops bring peace and quiet. I only wonder why homeopathic drugs never did the trick? I had tried almost all of the products! Thanks.
Elizabeth from Enschede
Dear Lieve, My son has been using the Trust Mild herbal drops for about one week now. He is highly sensitive and strong-willed. The difference is staggering. He does not cross the line any longer. Best wishes, Donja
Donja from Veendal
Dear Lieve, The Trust Mild drops are perfect for my son! I read a lot about treatments (with or without medication / supplements) from ADD / ADHD and so far - your Trust Mild drops are number 1!
Peter from Baarn
I'm, by nature, a worrier and rarely find peace in my head. Ever since I started using the Trust Mild drops on a daily basis however, I've become much more calm and my mood has improved.
Magali from Gooik
My colleague told me about these Trust mild drops. She take them at work and I've also started using them because I suffer from mental turmoil. I noticed a great improvement compared to before! My head was always overly active so I couldn't concentrate and was distracted by the slightest of stimuli. No fun considering I work in an office landscape. I alternate with the focus drops and am very satisfied.
Suzanne from Kampenhout
I am delighted with the Trust Mild and Focus herbal drops. My son, who suffers from autism and ADHD, has been promoted at school (from vmbo's BK level to TL)! His concentration problems in class have ceased to haunt him, and in the evening he is so much more calm and easy to communicate with. All of this is thanks to the Trust Mild. We have spent years and years searching for an effective remedy, and Ritalin does not really help much.. these herbal drops are superb.
Cisca from Assen
My daughter is nine and very uneasy when she has a test at school; she starts biting her nails and requires constant bathroom visits. She uses the Trust Mild drops now, and her anxiety issues have improved a lot. I see my daughter brighten up again and it makes me a happy mother.
Laura from Sint-Niklaas
For over a week now, my 4 year old son started taking the Trust Mild herbal drops. And they really work as well. He has a lot of trouble with outward stimuli and is so excitable, all the time, that he cannot find peace or quiet whatsoever. Ever since he takes these herbal drops, he has become so much more calm and a lot less hyperactive. Today, I forgot to take his drops with us on a day out, and around noon his behavior turned to the same old hyperactivity. Not for a second was his body at rest. Well, I am so happy with these drops, and I will for sure keep using them. Kind regard, Chantal.
Chantal from Dordrecht
I've been using the Trust Mild herbal drops for a number of weeks now. The result: a peaceful mind, better concentration - especially while reading, and much better sleep! Just awesome!
Jannie from Utrecht
Driving my car makes me anxious and I panic very quickly when there are traffic jams or diversions. It makes me hyperventilate. Thanks to the Trust Mild herbal drops, I can control my fears more easily, and react less nervously when I'm on the road.
Karo from Ukkel
Dear Lieve, The Trust Mild herbal drops work great (I use 3 to 4 drops, 4 times per day). It is lovely to see my child enjoying life. He now recognizes turbulent situations and withdraws himself from them. Next week, we will receive feedback from the school counselor, and I am very curious to hear their thoughts. They do not know that he is on medicine! THANK YOU 💋
Ingrid from Rozenburg
I have been using the Trust mild for three months now, and my mind is completely free of worries. I'm relaxed and get through my daily activities much more smoothly. A fine, natural product!
Aagje from Amsterdam
So far, I am delighted about the effects that the Trust Mild herbal drops have on my son who suffers from ADHD. And the effects are long lasting too - even when we accidentally forget to give him the drops!
Bianca from Helmond
I've been using the Trust Mild herbal drops for one month, three times a day. Finally, I am back to a normal sleeping routine, and am feeling happier and calmer. After various sleep medications and feeling drowsy throughout the day, I now have a better and healthier solution.
Ann from Maldegem
We, my daughter and I, are thrilled about trying out the Go4Balance herbal drops. My daughter is autistic. Her mind is always racing and she has trouble sleeping. Thanks to the Trust and Trust Mild herbal drops, she is living a more balanced life. She is much more calm and happy. One time I forgot to order a new dose and it was not a pretty picture. Another asset is the delivery time; I live in the Netherlands and yet I received my order the day after my purchase! My daughter was especially delighted. I also bought her the Enjoy herbal drops for her premenstrual symptoms. We are eager to see the results. I ordered the Empower herbal drops for myself. That is because I deal with stress and have been through a burnout. I want to regain peace, joy, and most of all, energy in my life. Many thanks to Team Go4Balance and Lieve for answering my questions!
Karin from Oostburg
Hi! I discovered the Trust Mild herbal drops via Facebook. I use them to become more peaceful throughout the day. My 8-year-old daughter suffers from anxiety and restlessness, just like her mother :-) and takes the Trust mild twice a day, before she goes to school and when she goes to bed. Pretty swift effect! I didn't think it was going to be this powerful. I'm a fan of these Belgian drops! I highly recommend these herbal drops, and the delivery is very smooth as well. Kind regards, Willemijn.
Willemijn from Heerlen
Dear Lieve, Our daughter has recently started taking the Trust Mild herbal drops. She is 11 years old, and was diagnosed with ADHD when she was only 6 or 7 years old. A combined kind, both on the hyperactive side as well as the ADD side. She still takes Concerta and Risperidon to fight her condition, and these medicines kind of work in the sense that is has diminished the effect of her symptoms. But she has now started taking Trust Mild, and after only a few days she has started to feel delighted - above all, her sleep at night has improved dramatically! We stopped giving her Concerta, and gave her these drops instead, and we have made an appointment with her psychiatrist to change her dose of Risperidon with the herbal drops. Kind regard, a very happy mom, dad and girl of 11 who, thanks to you, is able to sleep properly again!
Raimona from Alkmaar
I'm a restless type of person by nature and have suffered from anxiety and nervousness for a long time. I take the Trust Mild herbal drops to overpower my nervousness.
Liesbet from Halle

Our therapist's experiences.

For about a year now, I have been using the GO4BALANCE products in my health practice 'Health & Care'. The results are very positive. Taking into account the four elements (earth, water, air and fire) and the kinesiological testing, I can recommend the right product(s). Some of my clients need a more mental/psyche solution, others require something on a more physical level, depending on what they themselves need at a certain point in time. Trust, Enjoy, Empower and Focus have added value to my practice, and complement my people-centred philosophy.
Cindy from Vollezele
Dear Lieve, I have to admit that the herbal drops work, I am convinced!! They had a positive effect on a patient of mine, who couldn't gain control of her candy addiction. The Trust drops in combination with the Empower drops supported her wonderfully. Another patient, who was going through a mourning period, saw a great change from the moment that I prescribed the Enjoy drops for the day and in the evening, and the Focus drops for the late afternoon. The herbal drops provided a nice added value to my therapy. I am glad that I am able to work with these natural products. Thanks!
Frauke from Zellik
Herbal drops Go4Balance are great to use for a myriad of my patients' complaints in my practice ('Ekilibre'). Both my clients and myself are very satisfied with these simple yet effective herbal drops. They works for both emotional and physical blockages, and also help with problems that have been there for years. The drops have given me tons of energy, perfect for the times we currently live in. They worked immediately and function on a soulful level.
Els from Nieuwerkerken