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Questions about our herbal drops

What are the herbal drops comprised of?

Our herbal drops consist of hydro-alcoholic plant extracts that contain a very high content of active ingredients. The carrier of the active ingredients is based on alcohol, which also ensures for its preservation.

How do you use the herbal drops?

Hold the bottle diagonally so that they can drop into a glass of cold water. Count the drops to make sure that you’re taking the right dosage. If you hold the bottle upside down, it may drip too much.

How long does it take for the drops to take effect?

Most people experience a change between two to four weeks. When the imbalance or symptoms have been present for a long time (12 months or more), we advise that you take the drops for at least four weeks.

How long can you continue to take the drops?

You can continue to use the drops for quite an extended period of time. Should you see an improvement, you can opt to lower your dosage, for example, from three times per day to two times per day. Tip: you can regularly schedule periods in which you'd like to stop taking the drops for a short amount of time, such as weekends or holidays.

Can several herbal drops be taken simultaneously?

No. It is not recommended to use two different herbal drops simultaneously. Exception: The Trust (or Trust mild) and Enjoy herbal drops can be used. In this case, do not exceed the recommended dose which is: half the dosage per bottle. For example: 5 drops of Trust herbal drops and 5 drops of Enjoy (or Trust Mild).

How do you combine two different types of drops?

It is recommended to always wait two to three hours between the intake of one dose of herbal drops to respect the other. For example: Enjoy herbal drops at breakfast and during lunch and Trust (or Trust Mild) herbal drops at dinner and at bedtime.

May the drops also be used in its purest form?

For the best effect, we recommend ingesting the drops in a little bit of water – with the exception of the Empower and Clear Skin Detox herbal drops. These are best taken in a large glass of water in order to enjoy the purifying effect of these two remedies.

Can these drops be mixed with other drinks?

You can also take the herbal drops in fruit juice, vegetal milk or cold tea. You may not however, use them in combination with alcoholic beverages. For children, you may also mix it in yogurt, custard or pudding.

Can the drops be used in combination with alcohol?

No. Do not take the drops simultaneously with alcoholic beverages. Alcohol can enhance the effect of the drops or trigger a negative interaction. It is recommended to wait two to three hours between using the herbal drops and the use of alcohol.

May the drops be used during pregnancy?

No. The herbal drops are not suitable during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

Which drops help children with sleeping problems?

Trust Mild is a milder version of the Trust drops. If your child has only recently developed a problem with sleeping, the Trust Mild will be sufficient at dinner and before bedtime. If the sleep problem has been present for more than 12 months and fairly consistently, then the Trust herbal drops is a better option.

From what age can one start taking the herbal drops?

Our Go4Balance herbal drops can be used from the age of 36 months.

What is the difference between the Trust Mild and Trust herb drops?

Please refer to our blog: https://www.go4balance.eu/en/blog/10-2017-02-15-the-difference-between-trust-and-trust-mild-herbal-drops

What is the difference between the Enjoy and Enjoy 45+ remedy?

Please refer to our blog: https://www.go4balance.eu/en/blog/40-2018-03-01-help-my-hormones-are-completely-out-of-balance

Which remedies are recommended for ADHD?

Ideal for the treatment of ADHD is the combination of Trust Mild and Focus drops. During the first week you should use both remedies three times daily, spread throughout the day, It is advised to take 10 Trust Mild drops for the first week, which will bring peace to the body and soul. From the second week you may combine the Trust Mild drops with the Focus drops (also 10 drops) to help increase focus, attention and concentration. Combine the drops as follows: Take Focus drops at breakfast and during lunch. Take the Trust Mild herb drops in the afternoon or before going to sleep. We recommend that you take a look at our video about our remedies, as well as the infographics below. *For more information about the suitable dose for children, please ask for advice. * In case of more intense cases of ADHD, replace the Trust Mild drops with the Trust herbal drops.

Which herbal drops are most recommended for depression?

A valuable resource for depression is the Enjoy herbal drops. They bring emotional peace and a sense of relaxation. They are also easily combined with Trust or Trust Mild drops.

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