Our story

Our story is actually my story, Lieve Plasch, independent psychologist since 2006.

I coach people with issues concerning their personal life and their work life, within a holistic framework. I strongly believe that the body and the mind are simply inseparable, and that is what guides and influences my work.

Lieve Plasch

From psychologist to Go4Balance

As a child, I quickly learned that my father was not quite like other dads. He struggled to really ‘live’, and his psychological problems turned into intense physical pain that affected everyone around him. It was this that encouraged me to study psychology.

My father always turned to traditional medicine and became hopelessly addicted to synthetic medication. As a result, I wanted to learn more about natural medicine so that I could help those that are suffering to move away from traditional medicine to a healthier and more natural option. And with that, Go4Balance was born in 2012.

Unfortunately, my father lacked the receptiveness, awareness, and power to opt for natural remedies. My best attempts to convince him of herbal alternatives were to no avail, and after struggling deeply, psychologically, he chose to end his unbearable battle.

Nonetheless, he will always remain my greatest source of inspiration in whatever I do. I believe that on the other end of darkness, is light - and that is where your blessings reside. Although these blessings are only released after you have let go of your life’s struggles.

Motive and mission

It’s true that life doesn’t always go according to plan – many of us have experienced this first-hand. Every day presents us with challenges - and we’re confronted with small, and sometimes big, obstacles. I believe that the understanding of the Self and the way in which you handle your struggles and experiences, define your happiness and contentment barometer.

"One can’t control life, but YOU yourself decide how to deal with the circumstances."

My motive is to raise awareness for natural and healthy remedies, and to help others replace synthetic medication with herbal medication. I want to help improve the lives of others in any way possible, and guide them towards happiness, health, and balance. Ultimately, I would like to help them find a balance between the body and the spirit.

"Each and every illness is a symptom of an underlying emotional blockage."

Sometimes, all we need is a bit of understanding or a helping hand. And when we receive it, it’s exactly what we need to live a happy, healthy and energetic life once again.

My desire is for the Go4Balance philosophy to inspire you to choose a healthy and happy lifestyle, with a positive way of life.

«Nature is my biggest source of inspiration.»

«Happiness and health continue inspire each other.»

The power of love is my biggest truth. Let love be your guide in whatever you do, it’s the most powerful force in the universe. Love for nature, love for people, love of animals, and love for yourself! Join us in exploring the path that runs through your HEART.