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Trust (and its variants Trust Mild and Trust Plus), Enjoy (and menopause complex Enjoy 45+ and Enjoy 45+ Mild), Empower, Clear Skin Detox and Focus herbal drops and creams are the products that make up Go4Balance. It’s a product range in the realm of phytotherapy, or herbal medicine, based on the four elements. These herbal drops help to re-establish emotional, mental, physical and energetic balance.

The Go4Balance philosophy is as follows: Earth, water, fire and air are all around us. And every person has a certain amount of each element inside of them. It only takes the imbalance of one of the elements for the others to lose balance as well.

For that reason, our products contain a powerful synergy of different herbs with quick and effective results, in order to keep your body in balance and functioning optimally. Our herbal drops are to be taken orally, and are suitable for the whole family (children from the age of three and up), while the creams are used topically.

flora protect.


I protect the gut microbiota and promote digestion.

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