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Animal welfare: my mission for 2019


 My biggest and most sincere wish for 2019 is the ability to create a valuable and respectful animal policy. I want to live in a world where people place more importance on animals and are more animal-conscious. I feel a strong calling to do something personally that will ultimately bring more awareness to, and strengthen animal welfare.

 Animals have a conscience
 I believe that animals have a conscience, and that they can experience feelings. With that, how can an animal survive or thrive if they live their life in fear, pain, or hunger? It is simply impossible.
For example: A deer would not survive if it was not aware of its surroundings, as well as itself, its speed and its body? It needs these skills in order to escape from a predator. The deer must also be very intuitive about its surroundings in order to choose an escape route. In this way, we can see that animals have a conscience.  

And when it comes to the way in which animal's feel, every pet owner and pet lover can agree that animals can perceive emotions and feel a number of feelings, including mourning.

Humans are not the only ones who mourn the loss of loved ones.
 Elephants, dolphins, ducks and other animal species also mourn when a member of their family dies. More and more studies show that the brain structures of our pets are very similar to those of humans. This implies that it is unethical to confine animals in pens or chain them up, and to bread, dominate, abuse, or exploit them in circuses or excursions.

 Did you know that 24 million animals are slaughtered every day worldwide to meet our needs?
 For that reason, I feel it absolutely necessary for the entire meat industry to be reviewed and changed. Luckily, we are now seeing more and more activism in this area, and those who abuse or mistreat animals are facing consequences for their cruel actions. I especially applaud the work of the animal organisations Animal Rights and Four Paws, but there are tons of other wonderful initiatives around the world that work tirelessly to protect animals.
 Additionally, the impact of social media has also played a huge part in increasing animal adoption, and helping those in need. I myself have adopted a four-legged friend via a Facebook group that caters for mistreated or poorly animals who are in need of a home.

 I highly recommend checking them out at:

 Here are a few small steps that you can take to make the world a better place for animals:

 1. When you adopt an animal in need of a home, you're giving it a dignified existence. You also help prevent dog breeding, and further mishandling. Additionally, by having a pet in the home when you have children, you are able to teach your child responsibility and how to take care of animals. This they can carry with them into adulthood, and increase their level of empathy not only for animals but also for humans.

 2. If you are unable to adopt a pet, you could consider giving donations to animal organisations, or perhaps offering to volunteer at animal shelters (walking the dogs and or participating in daily care).

 3. You can be friendly and attentive to all of the animals in your area. During the summer, provide water for the birds outside and a feeding tube during the winter. You can also stop using garden products that contain toxic substances, which endanger snails and other animals. Spend time researching organic gardening products that'll benefit both humans and animals

4. Eat less animal products, such as meat, and choose vegetarian dishes more often. This not only benefits animals, but also helps to keep you healthy and slimmer. You could start by People who opt for a veggie lifestyle give animals a warm heart.

 5. It is actually quite easy to replace your daily portion of dairy products such as cow's milk with vegetable milk such as almond milk, oat milk, rice milk or coconut milk. By switching to vegetable dairy products, the consumption of animal products decreases slightly. In addition, many people - without knowing it - are lactose intolerant. By using vegetable dairy products, it also benefits your intestinal flora.
I hope that this blog has inspired you in some way to take further steps to protect our precious animals, giving them the best life that they deserve.

Warm Regards, 

Lieve Plasch

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