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herbal drops - 20ml

I bring energy and vitality.

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I bring energy and vitality.

Marigold, common nettle and rosemary contribute to your levels of vitality.

Take 3x7 to 3x10 (adult dose) or 3x3 to 3x5 (child dose) Empower herbal drops a day.

Thanks to EMPOWER herbal drops’ marigold-nettle-rosemary trio, you will once more feel fit and full of energy. These herbs are a true tonic.

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When should I take Empower herbal drops?

  • For short-term or seasonal fatigue, marigold, common nettle and rosemary will positively influence your energy levels. You no longer feel listless. These herbs rekindle your inner fire in you and energise the body and mind.
  •  It is worthwhile cleansing your body at least twice a year (during spring and autumn). Also take them after excessive consumption of fats, sugars and alcohol, or when you start a diet. Milk thistle, rosemary and marigold support the cleansing effect of the liver. Rosemary promotes the bile function.

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  • Milk thistle and rosemary are also antioxidants that protect the body’s cells (even those of the liver and brain) against oxidative stress.
  •  Silver birch, common nettle, rosemary and white yarrow support the urinary system and promote a correct fluid balance.
  •  The relaxing properties of cowslip help to improve mood.


When the energy from the liver and gall bladder flows without inhibition, you can make optimum use of their powerful energy. The liver-supporting (milk thistle, rosemary, marigold) and bile-supporting (rosemary) herbs in Empower herbal drops help you to achieve this goal. 

The revitalizing impact of the marigold-nettle-rosemary trio gives you the stamina to make plans and decisions and actually carry them out. The fire element motivates and stimulates, helping to turn your goals into achievements.

🌱Tip: Discover our EMPOWER cream for external use, a massage cream based on three essential oils with harmonious perfumes.


Hydroalcoholic extracts of marigold, yarrow, common nettle, milk thistle, silver birch, rosemary and cowslip – Alc. 50% vol.

Do not use if diagnosed with liver problems.

Not to be used when pregnant.

A dietary supplement should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, but can help to provide additional nutrients.

Empower herbal a great support  for short-term or seasonal fatigue | Go4balance


Discover more about the ingredients:

Marigold Marigold contributes to the cleansing effect of the liver.

Gulden Primrose Gulden Primrose is a natural tranquilizer, which induces relaxation and promotes a better mood

Centaury Centaury stimulates digestion and gives us more energy.

Rosemary A fortifying and stimulating herb, rosemary is recommended for more vitality.

Milk Thistle Milk thistle supports liver functioning, helps with skin problems, and more.

Birch Birch has a very positive effect on the bladder and kidneys. And thanks to its cleansing effect, this herb provides deep relaxation.

How to use?

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Any more questions?

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empower user experiences.

Empower gives me energy and they also cleanse my liver, which is my sore point. I combine them with Trust herbal drops in the evening and feel more balanced. Fine bottles, smooth answers to my questions. Thank you, Lieve!

empower user from Ieper

I recently suffered from springtime fatigue. I was working long days and sometimes had little to no energy or get up and go. That is, until I began to use Go4Balance’s Empower drops. I felt the difference in just a few days – now I can’t do without them. I jump out of bed in the morning and have a mountain of energy that keeps me going until late in the evening. Thank you, Lieve, for recommending these drops.

empower user from Moerbeke

More energy when I use the marigold, nettle and rosemary in Empower. I take these drops every day at breakfast and occasionally in the afternoon if I have an energy dip. Immediate result!

empower user from Amersfoort

I heard about these drops through my wife. I am anti-supplements and yet she somehow persuaded me. This was fortunate, because certain herbs in the Empower drops have helped me to overcome my winter blues and seasonal lack of energy. So, it is true that marigold, nettle and rosemary increase vitality. A convinced user.

empower user from Roeselare

I discovered the Enjoy 45+ drops at the 'Nature House', and it's been a very meaningful support for my menopausal symptoms. I had previously taken several different plant-based medications, but unfortunately with very little success. These droplets do just fine for me and I was feeling better after just a few days. I occasionally combine them with the Empower drops for more energy. Fine product range!

empower user from Schoten

Dear Lieve, the herbal remedies and creams definitely support me. I am sleeping much better. I take Empower herbal drops when I wake up and feel more energetic. For extra help, I try Ho’oponopono meditation and this sometimes works. What I can say is that I have the motivation to start Ashtanga yoga again and this also helps. A chain of positive impulses that guide me along my path! A big thank you for the session and product advice. Love, Yoke. 

empower user from Antwerps

Dear Lieve, it's unbelievable but when I took the marigold, common nettle and rosemary in the Empower drops, that momentary tiredness was gone in just five minutes! Amazing but true. I've never taken anything that has an effect like this. Thank you for your advice.

empower user from Dilbeek

Just to let you know I’m still very happy with your products. Empower herbal drops help me to achieve a productive day. Focus cream sits permanently on my office desk – with all the online lessons I follow I need it ☺️. Trust cream is also used as standard for my children every evening. They call it their ‘sleepy cream’ and aren’t at all happy when I occasionally forget our ritual.———————————

empower user from West Vlaanderen

I've been taking these drops since the autumn. I've had positive results, because the marigold, nettle and rosemary have positively influenced my energy levels. I take them regularly - 2-3 times a day - and feel really good.

empower user from Mechelen
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