I support your immune system.

The unique Protect Plus herbal drop formula helps to strengthen the immune system.

The primary function of the immune system is to protect the body against pathogens and foreign, potentially harmful substances. The immune system is located throughout the body, in the skin, the intestines, the respiratory tract, the blood and the lymphatic system.

An optimally functioning immune system is achieved through the correct lifestyle; opting for a healthy and varied diet, drinking plenty of water, exercising daily, taking time to relax, enjoying a fully restorative night's sleep and other such factors are of great significance.
protect plus. herbal drops

When to use?

A weakened immune system can be recognised by the following characteristics:
  •  prolonged periods of fatigue 
  • requent colds 
  • recurrent infections or inflammation (heart, blood vessels, joints) 
  • slow healing process 
  • allergies and/or intolerances 

When should I take Protect Plus?

Protect Plus herbal drops are a valuable supplement for those of us experiencing long-term and/or severe stress.They are also recommended for people who suffer from persistent fatigue and/or have the tendency to become ill at regular intervals.
Protect Plus herbal drops also help those who regularly suffer from infections, colds such as a sore throat, the flu and all types of inflammation.

Please note: Protect Plus is recommended for children aged 12 years and over, and adults.Protect Plus can not be used together with the use of anticoagulants (oral anticoagulants). 

Directions for use:

Take 7 to 10 drops in a little water, 3 times a day.
Combination with other Go4Balance herbal drops:rnProtect Plus can be taken in combination with other Go4Balance herbal drop variants such as Enjoy, Enjoy 45+, Enjoy 45+ Mild, and Menpower 45+. 


Echinacea significantly improves the body's immune response, enabling it to fight off pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungal spores more efficiently. Not only does it increase immunity during throat, nose, ear and skin infections, Echinacea is also renowned for improving the immune response in cases of internal infections, such as those often found in the urinary tract.

Thyme purifies the blood, makes the stomach more resistant and is a highly successful remedy for flu-like symptoms. Thyme is also excellent for coughs and colds and helps relieve the discomfort of a sore throat.

Eucalyptus is a tonic; it enhances the body's immune response, allowing it to fight fever and infection much more effectively.

Cat's claw
Cat's claw belongs to a group of plants which possess multiple medicinal effects. With cat's claw, the natural power of the immune system is significantly increased.

Common Elderberry
Elderberry is a very effective supplement and is taken to counteract those uncomfortable symptoms caused by colds, the flu, a blocked nose and other respiratory complaints.

Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, protects and activates the immune system, at the same time improving heart and blood vessel health.

Frequently Asked Questions

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protect plus. herbal drops

Our protect plus. user experience.

Hi, Lieve. Thank you for all of your advice. I have now taken a total of three bottles of Protect Plus drops and, thanks to the renowned immune-supporting herbs (echinacea, thyme, curcuma, elderberry and cat's claw) I can feel my natural resistance increasing. I feel stronger and, with the help of your herbs (echinacea, curcuma, thyme and eucalyptus), I am also enjoying the soothing effect on my airway! I intend to continue using the herbs contained in these drops during stressful periods at work in order to enhance my immune system.
Monique from Maastricht
I started taking the Protect Plus herbal drops a few weeks ago. They make me feel really good. I was suffering from low immunity and was looking for herbs that would help me to breathe more easily through my nose. According to you, echinacea, curcuma, thyme and eucalyptus were the best options. The minute I feel a tickle in my throat, I take 10 drops 3 times a day and feel the soothing effect of the thyme. What I appreciate most of all is the fact that echinacea, curcuma, thyme and eucalyptus open the nasal passage whenever the pollen count is high. I really am a fan of this product and will certainly continue to use it whenever I need it. Lieve, thank you so very much for your advice and for introducing me to this product. I am extremely satisfied!
Suzy from Westerlo