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Controlling ADHD with medication


ADHD can be efficiently treated with herbal remedies.

After the publication of an article in the Belgian Standaard newspaper dated 18/4/2017 ,

I would like to look at ADHD in more detail and discuss the challenge of avoiding the urge to stuff your child full with various prescription drugs.

Parenting requires structure, security and a tangible framework.

As children with ADHD are unable to recognise behavioural limits and norms, their upbringing requires understanding, attention and time. This inability to place limits gives these children a sense of insecurity. We also call this the 'insecure attachment style'.

By encouraging children with ADHD to function within a clearly defined set of rules, we can change this sense of insecurity (indicating an imbalance in the earth element) to a feeling of safety, step by step.
As a parent or educator, learning how to deal with these children is a challenge.

It requires a detailed and holistic approach.

For children suffering from ADHD, I inform the parents about the necessity of a healthy organic diet, plenty of exercise, clear structure in day-to-day life, the importance of expert support, and natural support based on plants and essential oils.

How to improve ADHD symptoms using Go4Balance herbal drops?

Trust Mild is an absolute winner when in combination with Focus herbal drops (start with Focus drops from week 2 onwards).

These remedies are plant-based and without side effects.

!If your child is still taking prescribed medication, it is important they take these drops 2 to 3 hours either side of this medication.

I often work according to the following scheme: please have a look at the two infographics above.

• Week 1 to 2: At breakfast, lunch, the evening meal or before bed, administer TRUST MILD herbal drops (dose is according to the child's age) .

• Once your child has found peace, security and a sense of grounding (through stabilisation of the earth element), add FOCUS herbal drops to bring the air element similarly into balance. Focus drops are best taken at breakfast or lunch times.

• ! Never give Focus at night! It increases energy and concentration levels.

• Focus drops are taken in combination with TRUST MILD which is administered in the late afternoon, with the evening meal, or before bed.

By doing this, the EARTH and AIR elements are in balance; disharmony between these two is often the case with ADHD.

Is medication the solution for ADHD?It doesn't have to be.

Is your child also strong-willed?

If so, replace Trust Mild with Trust herbal drops; the latter are stronger and will have more of an effect when certain behaviours (anger, frustration, aggression etcetera) persist. Trust herbal drops contain two species of boneset (Eupatorium) which bring the liver back into balance. Emotions such as frustration, irritation, fear and anger indicate a liver that is out of balance!

Do you have any questions, or would you prefer more personal advice?
Please feel free to contact me. Be inspired by the power of nature!


Lieve Plasch.

Lic. Psychologist and creative muse of Go4Balance remedies.



De standaard, 18 April 2017 (

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