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What are your New Year's Resolutions?

What are your New Year's Resolutions? 
Every year many of us begin the New Year with a number of good intentions, ranging from quitting smoking, joining a 'start to run' programme, enrolling in a meditation or yoga course, enjoying a healthier lifestyle, allowing more time for ourselves and being more aware of what life entails, working on our relationships with partners or children, the list goes on and on.

Which resolutions have you made towards a healthier and happier 2023?
In the meantime I have started with full courage a 3-year course in homeopathy. In the coming years I also wish to thoroughly delve into this branch in order to be able to provide even more additional health advice. So it will be a lot of studying again ;-) but so grateful that this education came my way.

The fire element in balance = pursue your goals in a healthy manner.

To plan and carry out your resolutions successfully, it is important that the fire element is in balance within both the body and mind. The fire element is responsible for your enthusiasm or passion. Hippocrates called it the intuitive or choleric temperament.
 Fire is also the motivating energy that causes us to get moving or gives us the courage to leave the 'comfort zone' of an unimaginative lifestyle behind.
As soon as you become excited about something, you naturally want to learn more about it, and in doing so come up with a fresh perspective. Such an experience changes us. The fire element helps us to shape our goals and forces us into action or movement.
 Fire is therefore ideal when it comes to steeling yourself to make your New Year's resolutions a reality. 

Did you know that Empower herbal drops play an important role in fuelling the fire element within us?
How do you manage the fire within?There are two extremes; you can either burn up all your fuel in a short space of time (burn-out) or control your inner fire in such a way that you never see more than a weak flame, giving a feeling that life has become stagnant due to your lack of enthusiasm and motivation.

Empower drops & Empower cream support your fire element

By purifying your body, and in particular your liver, you will be full of energy (Fire) once more. Your vitality will increase using the most natural of methods. Empower herbal drops are a powerful synergistic blend of herbs based on seven plants known to provide increased physical energy; these herbs will get you moving forward once again and stimulate every part of you, including your liver.Furthermore, Empower herbal drops are great for assisting in the removal of excess waste products such as post-party alcohol, sugar and fat. During the winter months we often feel more tired due to the lack of sunlight, and our fire element becomes less active compared to summer months. We need sunlight to feel energized. Due to this shortage of energy and the build-up of waste products, we then lack the motivation and strength on both an emotional and mental level to fulfill our good intentions

Empower - a little push to get you going.

To give your healthy resolutions the power to succeed and to increase your energy levels through detox, use 3 x 7 Empower herbal drops during the day. For topical use, Empower cream can be massaged onto the points shown in the leaflet or on the website.
Tip: Do not use Empower herbal drops or cream in the evening to avoid sleep disturbance.

Let the magic of the start of something new inspire you ❣️

I wholeheartedly wish you all the best with your New Year's resolutions!
Make 2023 a year to remember!

Kind regards,

Lieve Plasch

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