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The differences between Trust, Trust Mild and Trust Plus herbal drops.

The differences between Trust, Trust Mild and Trust Plus herbal drops.

Trust herbal drops

- These drops are used to bring peace to both body and mind; they also contribute to deep and restorative sleep.

The composition of these drops provides both a calming effect on the nerves and balance within the liver. The liver is our body's laboratory; when emotional imbalances occur, our liver requires special care.

- For problems getting a good night's sleep, take Trust drops in the late afternoon, at dinner and before bedtime.

In the case of mental and/or physical unrest, hyperactivity and ADHD (a strong will), Trust drops should be taken during daylight hours, preferably at the start of the day, around midday and at dinner.

- Trust herbal drops are also used as a first-line remedy and S.O.S remedy to treat fear, inner tension and psychomotor agitation.

 If an imbalance has been present for longer than 12 months, add TRUST CRÈME - a topical cream based upon specially selected essential oils - for additional effect. This synergy of oils works on the limbic system and helps to tackle energy blocks.

🌿Warning: Trust drops contain St John's Wort. If you take prescription medication, opt for the TRUST MILD variant.

Trust Mild herbal drops

- These drops do not contain either St John's Wort or Valerian, and are also free of any herbs that may affect the liver.

Trust Mild drops have a calming effect, helping you cope with moderate fears (fear of failure, exam stress), tension, nerves, overstimulation and exaggerated emotions.

- The result?

More concentration during the day, calmer thoughts, and a better, natural night's rest when taken at bedtime. Trust Mild herbal drops are often used during the day to bring peace to mind and body, and will simultaneously increase your levels of concentration.

Especially beneficial for moderate concentration problems (ADHD), Trust Mild drops help you to focus your attention through a preventive effect on over-stimulation and distraction.

- Trust Mild is very popular with children, adults, the elderly and overtly sensitive, nervous or hyper-reactive people who respond acutely to everything around them (HSPs or Highly Sensitive Persons).

- Trust Mild has no side effects, even when in combination with mood-adjusting synthetic medication (anti-depressants, etc.), and has a very pleasant taste that children enjoy.


Combine Trust Mild and Focus herbal drops to increase your concentration and focus.

 HOW do I do that? Use Trust Mild drops as a single therapy for the first week. Once you are feeling more relaxed, replace Trust Mild drops at breakfast and midday with FOCUS HERBAL DROPS.

Trust Plus herbal drops

Trust Plus is a powerful remedy created to restore and strengthen your joie de vivre in times of stress. These herbal drops calm the nervous system and revitalize at a cellular level.
-  Trust Plus is a remedy for those with an overactive lifestyle where periods of stress and anxiety are to be expected.

The following symptoms or imbalances are often experienced:

• fatigue

• palpitations
• tension headache
• high blood pressure
• burn-out

• low resistance to stress

• hyperactivity

• problems concentrating

• sleep problems

• chronic muscle tension

• feelings of depression

🌿Warning: Trust Plus should never be combined with anticoagulant therapy (oral anticoagulants).

🌿TIP: Can be given to children from 36 months of age and is also completely safe for pregnant mothers.

 This remedy is often combined with other Go4Balance variants such as Trust & Enjoy herbal drops.

Do you have any questions?

You are more than welcome to contact me for personalized advice.

Vibrant greetings,

Lieve Plasch


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