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Heal Your Life. Become the energy you want to attract!

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Online coaching with Lieve Plasch. 

“Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.” Pema Chödrön.

Are you looking for a more balanced life and a way to break the patterns that stop you from living life to the full?

Do you want a healthy, vibrant lifestyle?

More energy, focus and enjoyment every single day?

 Or would you like to concentrate on inner peace, trust, and a stronger gut instinct?

Ready to set your inspired entrepreneurial spirit on fire?

 Or to work on a positive relationship and attract like-minded people to join your ‘soul tribe’?

As we take the steps through my personalised process that implements my 15 years’ experience as a psychologist, I will always be there to support and guide you as you create your new, beautiful life.

'Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease'.  

As a healer, I take inspiration from the words of Hippocrates quoted above (the founder of Western medicine and father of the four elements theory). 

The healing powers of body and spirit are the core of an intelligent system that always seeks balance. During our sessions, I help you to understand these inner powers and activate them, bringing your life into balance and inviting energy to flood in.

Body-Soul-Mind – One and the Same! 

Physical and spiritual healing is a synergy. Your emotional, spiritual and physical parts have no borders ; their connected powers make you who you are, and who you can be!

To create true change, you need a holistic approach.

Tangible, powerful, loving and clarifying keys that propel you forward!

I work using a holistic model based on the four elements of earth, water, fire and air – the four elements upon which everything is created. Body, feelings, willpower and spirit provide the common thread that runs through my coaching sessions.

 A powerful yet simple model where we find the caring keys that open the doors to your new healthy, happy and inspired way of life.

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Book your personal online session.

“Our wounds are often the way in to the best parts of ourselves’.

From wound to wonder, taking away those things that prevent you from getting the best out of life through a caring, healing approach.Book a personal session with me today. 

During a 45 or 90 minute online video conversation, we will look in detail at your tailored themes.

How can I help?

My expertise as a psychologist in combination with my in-depth knowledge of natural healing methods can support and guide you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

A holistic approach that brings you clarity and vision when creating your new, wonderful life, step by healing step. 

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How do we start?

“When the energy is high and when there is love, healing happens automatically.”  Sri  Sri Ravi Shankar.

All you have to do is request a personal session – just add one to your shopping cart and follow the given steps. Once your request has  been processed, I will contact you.  Together, we arrange a time that best suits you.

Your personalised online session takes place as a video chat via Zoom. 

Cancellation Policy.

Can’t make your appointment? No problem. If you let me know at least 48 hours before our arranged Zoom chat we can reschedule. For appointments cancelled less than 24 hours before the scheduled online meeting, the full price will be charged. I appreciate your understanding.

Thank you for your trust and time,

Lieve Plasch

Psychologist & creator of Go4balance product range. 

Dear Lieve, thank you for the lovely and enlightening Zoom conversation this afternoon. I hope I will succeed in my mission and learn to follow my ❤ through self-love, care and a healing gentleness toward myself; to live life to the full using my instincts, to find my vitality and passion again, and to repair and maintain my mental and physical health. Thank you for helping me and offering me a number of useful tools. Have a wonderful evening and my warmest regards. Namaste.
, from east flanders
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