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Five Ways To Incorporate Mindfulness Into Your Daily Routine

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People often throw around the word 'mindfulness', but what does it actually mean? 

It may seem like an unknown concept for many... something that is hard to achieve. But actually, it is the simplest things that make up mindfulness. 

And it is these little things that have a positive impact on our social, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

The website, Mindful, describes mindfulness as: 

"The basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we are doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what is going on around us."

It is not a concept that requires us to change our being, but rather a way in which we can use our already-learned skills to live a calmer, more successful and happier life.

That said, here are five easy ways to integrate mindfulness into your daily routine.

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1. One-Minute Meditation

This is possible even for people who are extremely busy. All you need is one minute out of your day. 

During this minute, focus only on your breath. And while this can be difficult, as our mind tend to wanders easily, try to bring your attention back to the present, and to the feel the action of the air going in and out of your body.

This easy and fast technique has been proven to be helpful during stressful or panic-like situations. It is a way to stop the chaos and to bring you back to your inner self. 

It will help you revitalize so you can continue what you were doing and do it with greater concentration and success.

2. Turn Day-to-Day Tasks into Rituals

Doing the laundry, cooking, sweeping the floor... it's true that not everyone likes these rather menial tasks! 

But instead of focusing on how you can get this done as quickly as possible, try embracing the task. 

Take the time to smell your freshly washed clothes, to feel the texture of a silk blouse, see the colors around you, watch the dust slowly wipe together. 

This will give you a sense of purity and clarity.

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3. Stop Multi-Tasking

In a world where everything is about instant gratification, we all go out of our way to get everything done as quickly as possible. 

Maybe you have a big job to finish, have a pile of paperwork, have a family to feed, or a sink full of dishes. Don't overwhelm yourself! This leads to stress, anxiety and burnout. 

Instead, do your tasks slowly and attentively, one by one. Complete a task thoroughly, and you will feel satisfied and calm, ready for the next task. 

In this way you will also make fewer (minor) mistakes, and complete your task with greater success.

4. Waiting Can Be Mindful

Sometimes it seems like life is one queue after another. If we are not in line at the grocery store, we are at the bank, at an important meeting, a job interview, or even at the doctor. 

Patience is a virtue! 

Instead of complaining and nagging because you have 'wasted' 20 minutes of your day waiting, you can use that time to meditate. 

Breathe in gently, breathe out. Focus on your breathing, on what you smell, see and feel around you at that moment. 

Allow your mind to rest, and let go of the things that must be done tomorrow, next week, or next month. Forget the things of yesterday, last week, and last month, and really live the present moment.


5. An Alternative Kind of Mindfulness

For some, it can feel a bit strange to sit down and really focus on breathing. If this is the case with you, you can choose a different kind of mindfulness, namely focusing on the physical environment. 

When you sit, feel the seat under you. In which places does it feel comfortable, which part of the body feels relaxed? 

Think of your feet, are they firm or are they resting on the floor? Do you feel tense or relaxed? Does the table in which you're working on feel smooth or rough? What color does is it? 

What does it look like outside? Is the sun shining or is it cloudy? Do the colors of the world inspire you right now? This will take you to the here and now, and away from the thoughts that plague you.

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So, as far as these five techniques go, you're looking at some super simple ways to enjoy the immense benefits of mindfulness. 

And in addition to these techniques, we also recommend our Trust Mild herbal drops. These can help you to lead a more relaxed and peaceful life. 

These drops are 100 percent natural, prepared from a herbal blend, to reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed, to improve one's state of mind, and to encourage increased concentration. 

With that, I wish you a happy, productive day, full of mindfulness!

Lieve Plasch, Go4Balance Founder

Lic. Psychology

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