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Our skin reflects our emotional and physical wellbeing.

Eyes and skin, windows to the soul.

It is said that eyes are the windows to the soul, but did you know that there is another part of the body that shows us exactly how we are feeling inside? That’s right, your skin – the largest organ of the human body and our protection against the outside world.

Your skin, your health.

The skin is closely connected to the nervous system and contributes to the function of our internal organs. Your skin is an external boundary that brings you in touch with your environment. Skin is a great indicator of how healthy our internal organs are. It reacts by developing physical signals that help us to diagnosis both physical and mental illnesses.

Your skin, your amazing health barometer.

Reactions such as excessive sweating, pallor, red patches or yellow undertones can point us towards emotional causes such as anxiety, stress, fear, tension, anger and frustration. 

From a psychosomatic perspective, the epidermis becomes opaque when we are extremely sad or dealing with intense disappointment. 

Studies show that a large percentage of skin disorders have a psychological origin. 

Whatever the cause - physical or chemical – naturopaths associate skin disorders with an externalizing of emotion. 

Some examples:

Urticaria or hives are associated with a depressed mood. This skin disorder is seen as the emotional externalizing of feelings of abandonment and irritation.

Psoriasis is a symptom of disappointment. This condition causes areas of the epidermis to peel and become covered with itchy, painful scaly patches.

Adult acne indicates fatigue and stress. Itching, whether mild or severe, reveals we are suffering from anxiety, worry or panic.

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Our skin reflects our emotional and physical wellbeing.

An organ that tells us what is happening inside, how lucky we are. Our skin communicates with us by way of observable symptoms; these symptoms are the precursors of illness. Symptoms tell us that something is occurring inside the body that needs to be addressed – we need to treat both the root of the symptom and any changes that accompany it. 

Our skin also provides a protective shield against our constantly changing and often harmful environment. It is our early warning system. 

The skin mirrors our self-image.

Skin enables us to connect with other people, but it can also be used to isolate us from social contact. The skin evaluates our interactions with both the environment and with other people; it immediately reflects our emotions. If we are angry, it turns red; in an emergency, our skin becomes pale; when we are afraid, we sweat.     

   Source: exploring your mind


Take care of your self...and your skin.

A positive attitude towards life, learning how to cope with emotion and stress, opting for a healthy and natural diet, enjoying sufficient rest and relaxation, working on your self-esteem and self-image – all of these are essential when it comes to improving the condition and appearance of your skin.

By daring to listen to our emotions, by recognizing them instead of denying them or pushing them away, we can learn to release them. Only then will our health improve together with our sense of wellbeing; these have a direct influence on the health and quality of our skin.

Working according to the principles of physical, mental and emotional interaction, Go4Balance has developed two skincare lines. 

The Clear Skin range helps to cleanse the skin of impurities.

The Happy Skin range is a natural daily skincare ritual that helps women to protect their skin from free radicals and hydrate its deepest layers using only nature’s best.

Lots of love,

Lieve Plasch

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