clear skin detox.
roller - 10ml

I soothe and cleanse your skin.

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I soothe and cleanse your skin.

Suffer from skin flare ups, pimples or blackheads? Is your skin red, irritated or sensitive?

Cleanse your skin with a little water and dot the Clear Skin Roller onto the affected areas 3 to 4 times a day. You can use the roller on your face, neck, shoulders and back.

Tip: Use the Clear Skin Roller together with Clear Skin Detox herbal drops for optimum results.

Clear Skin Detox herbal drops’ ingredients of Viola tricolor, greater burdock, marigold, chamomile and nettle improve the condition of your skin, while milk thistle and marigold enhance detoxification from the inside out.


  •  Purifies the skin
  •  Soothes irritated and sensitive complexions
  •  Treats pimples, whiteheads and blackheads
  • Helps to balance the skin’s natural flora (microbiota)


Skin flare ups often indicate that pent-up energy is searching for an escape.

The skin acts as a mirror, reflecting our inner health and the effects of our environment. 

The Clear Skin Roller gives your skin the resilience to cope with the outside world.



Discover more about the ingredients:

Wolf’s bane This herb alleviates skin irritation and oversensitivity.

Pansy Is used as a topical treatment for red and sensitive skin and keeps the skin looking and feeling young.

Witch Hazel A popular and effective external treatment for red, irritated and sensitive complexions.

Fragonia Similar to the popular tea-tree essential oil, Fragonia nourishes and protects the skin.

Patchouli The essential oil patchouli works as a skin cleansing agent, especially in cases of teenage acne.

Coneflower Through its immunity-enhancing action, Echinacea provides the perfect solution for spots and blackheads.

Propolis Propolis cleanses and purifies the skin.

Roman Chamomile Chamazulene, a chemical compound found in Roman chamomile, is an excellent natural inflammatory.

Marigold - Clear Skin External use for spots and blackheads.

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clear skin detox user experiences.

I have suffered with bad skin since puberty. I consulted various dermatologists during the past five years but unfortunately without success. I even had to take a high-dose contraceptive pill but with no improvement, just side effects (mood swings and a 6 kilo weight gain). As a test subject in the pilot study for your products, I took Clear Skin Detox herbal drops three times a day for 17 weeks in combination with the Clear Skin Roller. I have experienced very positive results. Thanks to the specific herbs (viola tricolour, greater burdock, marigold, chamomile and nettle), the condition of my skin has remarkably improved and I finally dare to face the outside world again without feeling ashamed. I recommend this combination to everyone! I really had tried everything on the market and had given up hope of blemish-free skin. I am so grateful for being allowed to participate in the pilot study! Thank you, Amina.

clear skin detox user from Sint-Genesius-Rode

I don't have great skin and have been struggling with this for years. I discovered your Clear Skin herbal drops & Roller via Instagram. I have been cleansing intensively for 9 weeks and already notice a positive change in the appearance of my skin. Milk thistle and marigold contribute to my inner cleansing, and by dotting my spots and blackheads with witch hazel and propolis, among other ingredients, I have finally discovered the best external skin-care regime, too. I also read some of the tips from Lieve's blog and can say that I am very inspired to continue cleansing for a few more weeks and also continue to opt for a natural lifestyle. I combine the drops with the roller for external use and the lavender, chamomile and lemon balm help me to relax. Great quality, natural products and rapid delivery to Germany. Thanks.

clear skin detox user from Düsseldorf
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