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I bring peace and improve your quality of sleep.

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I bring peace and improve your quality of sleep.

This cream provides a calming effect, helping to release tension and so restore inner balance. 

Trust cream offers a sense of peace and allows you to rediscover complete relaxation.

Pure essential oils contain the most valuable aromatherapeutic qualities of the plant world. 

Trust cream has particular value to our levels of energy and plays an important role in the inner processing of life’s ups and downs. 

Essential oil scents have healing properties and work on our more subtle energies, contributing both to recovery from the inside out, and a harmonious body and mind.

🌱Reading tip : the benefits of foot massage for your health.


Trust cream calms weak nerves and helps you to relax and regain a natural pattern of sleep. Through the restoration of inner peace your digestion will also improve.

For added effect use both Trust and Trust Mild drops together with Trust cream, a very useful combination for long-term imbalance. 

The valerian and passion flower in Trust herbal drops soothe the soul, as do the accompanying qualities of lemon balm, lavender, small-leaved lime and Californian poppy that are to be found in Trust Mild herbal drops.


Perfect for soothing inner anxiety and physical stress; promotes a natural and healthy night's rest (also for school-age children).


The high vibrational frequencies of essential oils produce a strong aromatherapeutic effect. Their powers are rapidly absorbed and reach the limbic system in a few short minutes. 

The various scents quickly act within the ‘amygdala’, our brain’s emotional headquarters, where they bring harmony to body, mind and soul.

How do I use it?

Take a hazelnut-sized portion of Trust cream and apply to the soles of the feet. 

Massage gently for 5 to 10 minutes or longer if preferred: 1 to 2 times a day at a time that suits you. 

🌱Read more about how and how much to use in the handy leaflet that you receive with the product. 

Alternative sites to the soles of the feet are the following pressure zones or reflex points:

  • A natural peace-bringer

Apply TRUST cream to the left and right of the front of the body where the pectoral muscles (lung meridian) attach to the shoulder joint. Massage using a lemniscate movement (a continuous horizontal figure-eight motion).

  • A stomach fortifier

Place a hazelnut-sized portion of TRUST cream three finger breadths above the navel and massage using a soft lemniscate movement (a continuous horizontal figure-eight motion).

  • A sleep enhancer

Place a hazelnut-sized portion of TRUST cream to the areas above the left and right elbows and massage using a lemniscate movement (a continuous horizontal figure-eight motion).

Release your tensions and unrest with our Trust Cream Go4balance


Discover more about the ingredients:

Cedarwood Essential Oil  An essential oil that activates your levels of power and strength.

Vetiver Essential Oil Vetiver essential oil is widely used in aromatherapy to alleviate stress, panic attacks, anxiety, and insomnia.

Sweet Orange Essence  Sweet orange extract lifts the mood, stimulates a sense of playfulness and waves away negative thoughts while providing a calming, sedative effect.

Jojoba oil Jojoba oil is used to rehydrate dehydrated skin and keeps the skin looking vibrant and youthful.

How to use?

Find out here how and how often to use this product.

Any more questions?

Can't find the answer to your question? Read through our frequently asked questions.

trust user experiences.

Dear Lieve,

My experiences with herbal drop use in my practice.  "Liam is 11 years old and is a very sensitive boy who is often lost in his emotions. He suffers from outbursts of rage, jealousy and fear of failure. But this is just an act; he actually has very little confidence and self-esteem. I have been using Trust herbal drops during the past 2 months of his therapy. The change is wonderful to see. He seems so much calmer. Not only that, his aggressive behaviour has significantly decreased. Liam has become a confident boy and talks about himself with more respect. He is much less anxious and now enjoys drawing and painting. During our last session he told me that he feels much better and calmer when he takes the Trust drops. His parents and teacher are extremely happy with the many changes.Go4balance really makes a difference in this process of change and in my practice as a whole. I fully recommend Go4Balance's natural product range." Suzy Hufkens, Psychotherapist

therapist from Herselt

Hello there, Lieve. I just wanted to let you know I'm still extremely happy with the drops and creams!! I can really feel the difference; my mind is calmer, I am more assertive and my life path is slowly becoming clearer. It's great! We are all sticking to the regime. The kids love 'feet time' every evening and I've halved the melatonin. I will soon try to stop it altogether. The new feeling of peace in our home is obvious ... and it's wonderful. The kids feel good and so do I. I've signed up for the training day and hope to shortly add a consultancy service to my business. Best wishes, Nele. 

trust user from Ooigem

Dear Lieve, I was using sleeping medication and antidepressants for several years, until I was recently recommended that I stop due to the side effects on my kidneys. Since then, I experienced a tremendous amount of disquiet, especially at night. Fortunately, my neighbour told me about the Trust herbal drops and Trust cream. I immediately started taking them both, and reaped the rewards from day one. Unbelievable! I have been taking Trust for ten days now and haven't had a bad night of sleep. I regret that I never knew about your natural remedies before. Thanks a lot for your good advice, Anette.

trust user from Alsemberg

I’ve been giving my 6-year-old daughter Trust drops for a while after our homeopathic paediatrician recommended them. They have been a huge, calming help to my oversensitive little girl. After a bit of hesitation, I ordered Enjoy and Empower herbal drops for myself, too. I need a dose of self-care and I’m loving the results! The skincare products (day cream/night cream/body lotion) are lovely to use. My son often says how good I smell since using the ‘new bottles’ 😊. Super-happy with these products. Best wishes, Lies.

trust user from Bruges

Just to let you know I’m still very happy with your products. Empower herbal drops help me to achieve a productive day. Focus cream sits permanently on my office desk – with all the online lessons I follow I need it ☺️. Trust cream is also used as standard for my children every evening. They call it their ‘sleepy cream’ and aren’t at all happy when I occasionally forget our ritual.———————————

trust user from West Vlaanderen

Thanks to the herbs in Trust herb drops I feel less worried. I had read that valerian and passion flower are soothing herbs. The worries in my head have become less and I was able to read a text at my brother's funeral, something I would otherwise never have dared. I was given the self-confidence to do it. It's great how these Trust herbs give me extra support during difficult moments. I recommend them to everyone.

trust user from Beernem

When I first came into contact with Lieve from Go4Balance, I immediately felt her positive and warm welcome. I decided to include the massage cream range in my holistic salon where I use them when giving massages. An online training session followed, from which I gained a lot of useful knowledge. I let my personal feelings and experiences play a role during certain steps of the course ... and I am utterly convinced of the good quality and service of Go4Balance. I advise everyone to familiarise themselves with the creams and sign up for the training module! Greetings, Evy

therapist from from Denderleeuw

Dear Ms, Louise has been taking the herbal drops since Wednesday, before bedtime, and they really help her! She falls asleep with ease and her nightmares are no more.

trust user from Merelbeke

Dear Lieve, I collected my Trust Mild, Trust Plus and Pure Happiness cream. Started on Friday evening. Two mornings without waking up in an anxious state, so that's already good 😊. The feeling that ants are crawling on my legs has also improved! I hope this continues to improve and, as you told me, the nettle therapy will also help in the detoxification process.

trust user from Wevelgem
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