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Five Ways in Which a Foot Massage Can Improve Your Life

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The health benefits of foot massage.

For most of us, a foot massage is an extremely pleasant and luxurious experience.

The soles of our feet are a mass of sensitive nerve endings that arrive from all over the body. 

When you massage your own feet or have someone else massage them, these nerve endings are gently stimulated. 

Foot massage not only provides a sense of relaxation, it also creates a blissful, unique sensation.

But did you know that foot massage actually improves your health?

My foot-pampering blog lists five reasons why a simple foot massage can improve your mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Another five reasons to pay more attention to the feet that serve us so faithfully every day!

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A foot massage reduces feelings of anxiety and depression.

Several studies have shown that foot massage helps to release feelings of stress, sadness, anxiety and depression.

One of these studies, published in the Journal of Clinical Nursing in 2010, reported that those who received soothing foot massages during times of overwhelming grief felt calmer and less affected by stress.

Furthermore, rubbing and massaging certain pressure points of the foot, even for a short two to three minute duration, has been shown to help people suffering from emotional instability and depression.

Tip: By massaging Enjoy cream onto your feet once or twice a day for around five minutes each time you increase your ability to relax in times of stress and to cope with physical discomfort, anxiety and depression.


A foot massage improves cardiovascular circulation.

When we experience feelings of stress, our blood circulation becomes limited. 

This effect is cumulative – the more stress we encounter, the more limited the blood flow. 

However, just ten minutes of foot massage sees an improvement to our circulation that increases oxygen flow into our tissues and cells.Foot massage also stimulates the lymphatic system, a network of fluid-filled channels that is essential for a healthy immune system. 

Our body then has the opportunity to achieve homeostasis, which in turn creates inner balance and better health.

Tip: Massaging Empower cream on your feet once or twice a day for about five minutes each time. Rosemary, Black Pepper and Grapefruit essential oils ensure optimal blood circulation and give you a vitality-enhancing boost whenever you are feeling weak or tired.

Foot massage is a natural pain reliever.

In a study conducted by the Indiana University School of Nursing, people who were given foot massages after surgery experienced greater pain relief than those who relied solely on pain medication.

This result was also found in women undergoing chemotherapy. Foot massage also reduces the feelings of nausea that so often accompany cancer therapies.

Foot massage soothes PMS symptoms.

If you suffer from PMS (premenstrual syndrome), you probably experience uncomfortable symptoms that follow your menstruation cycle such as bloating, mood swings, and cramps

.A 1993 study conducted by researchers from the Behavioral Medicine Division of the California Graduate Institute found that women who received foot massages, more specifically reflexology, experienced less discomfort during menstruation.In addition, a foot massage helps to drain areas of fluid retention. 

A study conducted in 2010 found that pregnant women had less swelling (edema) after foot-massage sessions.

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Foot massage for a great night's sleep.

A foot massage just before bed relaxes and de-stresses the body. In combination with the improved circulation that any foot massage brings, you will achieve higher quality, more restful sleep.

The result? You have increased energy and a more positive state of mind from the moment you wake up.

Tip: I thoroughly recommend Trust cream for a better night’s sleep as it contains Orange, Cedar and Vetiver essential oils

.These oils help to soothe the nerves, reduce anxiety and will help you to regain a more natural sleep pattern when you apply the cream at bedtime.

Click here for more information about our organic massage creams.

I wish you a very happy and healthy Mother's Day,

Lieve Plasch

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