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Nine reasons why apples are beneficial for your body

Many vitamins and minerals are found in the skin of an apple, which is why it's beneficial to not only eat the inside, but the outside of an apple, too. Make sure, however, to wash it with water first, in order to get rid of potential pesticides.

Nine reasons why apples are beneficial for your body:

  • Apples reduce your cholesterol levels

The average apple contains approximately five grams of fibre. Moreover, apples contain a lot of pectin - a soluble fibre that reduces cholesterol levels. Pectin also prevents the development of cholesterol on the inside of the blood vessels.

  • Apples assist in weight loss

Apples reduce your appetite, and they contain only a small amount of calories. In order to control your weight and improve your health, it is recommended to have a diet that is high in fibre, such as apples.

  • Apples fight signs of ageing

Because of its antioxidants, apples preserve the memory. An apple a day diminishes the likelihood of dementia and Alzheimer's.

  • Apples contain Vitamin C

Vitamin C supports the immune system. People with a vitamin C shortage do not recover from illnesses as swiftly, and are more vulnerable to bruises.

  • Apples prevent tooth decay

Tooth decay is mostly caused by bacteria- and apples contain a liquid that kills 80% of bacteria. So an apple a day does not only keep the doctor away, but also the dentist!

  • Apples can prevent cancer

The antioxidants in the skin of the apple can prevent certain types of cancer. Research from the University of Wisconsin shows that the growth of prostate and breast cancer cells is hindered by the antioxidants in apples. What's more is that eating apples raises your level of marpine - protein that prevents the cultivation of tumours.

  • Apples detoxify the liver

We continuously ingest toxins from food and drinks, and it is the liver's job to cleanse the body from these toxins. In order to detoxify the liver it is important to eat fruits like apples.

  • Apples increase your stamina

Eating an apple before a work-out can raise your stamina. That is because apples contain an antioxidant named quercetin. Quercetin causes more oxygen to flow into the lungs, increasing your level of energy.

  • Apples help to prevent hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins that appear in the anal canal, and they're caused by an abundance of pressure in the pelvic area. To promote a healthy stool, it is important to eat fresh fruits like apples. It is also important to drink plenty of water and to get enough exercise.

Warmest greetings,
Lieve Plasch
Lic. Psychology

(SOURCE: Mens en Gezondheid)

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