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Do you suffer from stress or experience stress-related symptoms?


Do you feel like you're constantly overwhelmed by environmental stimuli? 

Are you extremely busy, professionally and socially? 

Do you frequently suffer from shortness of breath, headaches, upset stomach or heart problems? 

Perhaps you're experiencing more than one of these issues, or all the above! This is, of course, a difficult situation to be in. One that needs special care and attention in order to rectify. Because when we feel overwhelmed, we can cause long-lasting effects on our physical, mental, emotional, and social life. 

What can you you to change your negative stimuli and physical ailments? 

    • Talk about your stress, e.g. find a coach or therapist to support you
    •  Exercise each day
    • Choose healthy food
    • Create a time for rest and relaxation

            Look to Nature

            Go4Balance is all about using the power of nature to relieve negative and uncomfortable situations. 

            We've formulated Enjoy herbal drops, which are a natural emergency remedy against stress.

            Enjoy drops are a synergy of seven plants that helps you regain a relaxed feeling. They also minimize the effects of stress and anxiety in a mere 15 minutes after ingestion.

            In short, Enjoy herbal drops are healing plants in a bottle that work to deal with your stress symptoms. 


            Enjoy herbal drops are a synergy of the following plants: 

            • Rhodiola (pink root), praised for its relaxing effect against temporary and acute stress, it is an important ingredient of our Enjoy herbal drops. This 'golden carrot' has an emotionally soothing effect and helps to regain a relaxed feeling while in the midst of stressful circumstances.
            • Chamomile, which aids in healthy digestion, and provides a sense of security and motherly attention.
            • Melissa, which is effective against depressive moods, as it brings joy to your heart.
            •  Lemon balm, which protects and keeps you from feeling overwhelmed by external factors. It also helps you find serenity and inner balance, as well as reinforces the wisdom in your heart.
            • Lavender, which uplifts and restores your inner harmony thanks to its balancing effects. Lavender is beneficial for people who are emotionally vulnerable, prone to jealousy, brooding or have an inferiority complex.
            • Sage, that works well against depression and sadness. It adds strength and willpower. This herb stimulates and enhances energy, and relaxes the nervous system.
            • Thyme, which strengthens the immune system and fights throat infections. It also gives you courage, promotes concentration, and dispels anxiety and depression. The ideal solution for people who are slightly fickle, and fail to bounce back after difficult situations.

            And if you feel completely overwhelmed,  have any questions, or would like an enlightened talk, you're always welcome to chat with me.

            Lieve Plasch,

            Licensed psychologist


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