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Suffering from PMS?

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1. Suffering from PMS?

• Did you know that an estimated one in five women between the ages of 15 and 45 suffer from PMS (premenstrual syndrome)?
• PMS is the disturbance and imbalance of hormones, such as oestrogen and progesterone, right before menstruation. This imbalance is caused by too many oestrogen hormones present in the body, and too few progesterone hormones.
PMS symptoms are related to an increase of oestrogen due to naturopathy. This too causes an imbalance between the hormones, progesterone and estrogen, resulting in too much estrogen present in the body.

2. What happens during PMS?

 During PMS, the excess oestrogen can cause a number of symptoms such as painful breasts, bloating, and heavy periods. The lack of progesterone however, can contribute to irregular and longer periods. The problem here is that the liver, the organ that breaks down our sex hormones, also has several other functions such as metabolizing and detoxifying. For that reason, breaking down sex hormones is a less important function for the liver, causing women to experience the dreaded effects of PMS.

 The effects of oestrogen-like toxins

 On a daily basis, we come into contact with toxins that have an oestrogen-like effect, namely xeno-oestrogen and pseudo-hormones. These toxins also play a part in the disruption of hormones, thus affecting the functioning of our body. Additionally, these toxins can play a part in sexual development, such as damaged sperm in men and compromised thyroid functioning.

 The bad news is that it is impossible to avoid these toxins, but the good news is that there are several ways that we can limit the amount we're exposed to. By using natural skin care products, not smoking, drinking filtered water, and eating organic food, we are successfully eradicating maximum exposure to these harmful toxins.

 Another cause of an overproduction of oestrogen, is being overweight. When we have excess weight, our hormones are more likely to be imbalanced. This is because, while oestrogen is being produced, so are fat cells. This, in turn, can cause a surplus of oestrogen. Being on the contraceptive pill also contributes to more oestrogen in the body.

 3. Symptoms of PMS:

The most common symptoms of PMS are:
• headaches
• fatigue
• problems in concentration
• weight gain, fluid retention, painful breasts
• fear and panic attacks
• hunger, a craving for sweet or salty foods
• depressive feelings and mood swings
• pimples, acne, or blemishes
• constipation or diarrhoea

 4. How can you reduce the symptoms of PMS?

 Fortunately, there are a few ways in which you can reduce the miserable symptoms of PMS. One of these, is to pay extra attention to your diet one week before your period.
 By adjusting your diet, you ensure that the liver can do its job better.
 Some other helpful ways to reduce PMS is to:
 • Avoid excess oestrogen by cutting down on red meat
• Choose vegetable dairy more often, like coconut, rice, or almond milk
 • Get enough fibre, as it helps break down oestrogen in the liver. You can enjoy fibre-rich food such as vegetables and fruit.
• Avoid alcohol and caffeine one week prior and during your period. This is because they can cause testosterone to be converted into oestrogen. Additionally, caffeine can cause hormonal disturbance, which is why its advised to drink only one cup per day or to opt for green tea instead.
• Avoid sugar and white flour products (refined carbohydrates), as they cause your blood sugar level to be out of balance.
 • Opt for healthy fats that make your body happy and that help you get through your menstruation smoothly. Food such as nuts, avocados, oily fish, olive oil, butter, coconut oil and evening primrose oil are able to give you a smoother more bearable period.
• Be careful with salt because it causes the body to retain water. Avoid all ready-made meals and salty snacks, and instead prepare your own fresh meals.
• Enjoy more fresh vegetables especially cruciferous vegetables. such as broccoli, and cauliflower, as well as bitter vegetables such as endives, as they support the liver in the drainage of hormones.
• Make sure to increase your magnesium intake, as it is a very important mineral to have in the body right before and during your period. Luckily, if you're craving chocolate, you can find magnesium in cocoa. Choose chocolate that contains at least 70% cocoa.

 The impact of relaxation and physical activity on PMS:
 Whether you choose more active sports such as cycling, walking or swimming, or more relaxation-based exercises, such as yoga or breathing exercises, this can bring more relief to those who are experiencing PMS. This is because exercise can directly affect your mood.
Moving your body enhances the production of happy hormones that make you feel more relaxed.
 The week before your period however, be sure to take extra care of yourself as your body is already using a lot of energy.
 Remember to rest often. Additionally, women are very intuitive and can manage stress by listening to their bodies and their environment in order to make themselves feel good.

 5. A helping hand from nature

 For an even bigger boost during PMS, you can consider using Go4Balance's Enjoy 45+ Mild herbal drops 10 days before your period. These all-natural drops are a synergy of seven plants, and work together to create emotional, physical, and hormonal comfort.
For more information, CLICK HERE.

 The seven herbs that make up the Enjoy 45+ Mild herbal drops are:

 • Ashwaganda: this herb will help restore the balance of your hormones, creating a better state of mind. The plant has a very powerful effect on your level of cortisol (the stress hormone). After a mere 20 minutes, high levels of cortisol are already starting to go down, bringing it back into balance.
• Turmeric: this herb contains curcumin and has an anti-inflammatory effect that supports the functioning of your liver. • Lemon balm: this herb has a calming effect and is widely used for symptoms of stress, nervousness, sleep problems, depression, headaches, migraines, restlessness, confusion and nervous palpitations. Many women experience benefits from this herb during PMS, their period, and menopause.
 • Large Nettle: this herb reduces PMS symptoms, processes oestrogen to relieve menopausal symptoms, and inhibits excess menstruation. Furthermore, nettle has a purifying effect on all organs in the body, and is a great herb for symptoms of burn out and fatigue. Additionally, nettle is a great herb for calcium deficiency, as it has a high content of minerals, and is also a good source of vitamin C.
 • Large Angelica root: this herb helps the body to detoxify and is beneficial for nervousness and problems associated with the bowels.
 • Hawthorn: this herb helps reduce a heavy period, and helps relieve headaches, nervousness, and insomnia. The herb is beneficial to the heart and the blood vessels.
 • Lemon yellow honey clover: this herb works as a diuretic and is has a powerful effect on painful digestion and flatulence, due to its ability to eliminate cramps. It's used to treat insomnia, nervousness and melancholy because it has calming, sleep-inducing and analgesic properties. It's also beneficial for tension headaches and nerve pain.

 How do you use Enjoy 45+ Mild herbal drops?

 Start using these herbal drops 10 to 14 days before your period. Use them three times per day, by dropping 10 drops into a large glass of water each time.

 During this time, we recommend that you choose healthy and fresh food and exercise, and perhaps a consultation with a homeopath specialist, acupuncturist, foot reflexologist, health coach, or a weekly yoga session. All these small steps can make life with PMS more bearable.

 Tip: Sometimes it is recommended to combine the Enjoy 45+ Mild drops with the Empower herbal drops.
The latter detoxifies the liver, and helps to drain toxins from the body. If you suffer from acne and pimples around the time of your menstrual period, you could also combine the Enjoy 45+ Mild with the Clear Skin Detox drops.

Let the power of nature guide you in dealing with hormonal imbalances!

With positive regards,
Lieve Plasch

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