Blog 21st of August 2019

5 Ways to Increase Your Happiness Levels.


We all strive to be happy at one point or another, right?
But in reality, what does happiness actually mean? How do we know when we've reached that most positive of emotions?
Essentially, we know that we can't be happy all the time, and happiness not a personality trait that can be passed down through generations; rather, being happy is a feeling, and a state that can quickly come and go. Let's not confuse happiness with joy or excitement, though.... those are different feelings in and of themselves!

According to Positive Psychology, happiness is also referred to as subjective well-being, and when we sum it up, it ends up relating to a feeling that we're content with life and our surroundings, and in a general good mood with good feelings - this can encompass happiness, although it's hard to determine a full out definition of it since it can be vastly different for everyone!

 When we're happy, most people find enjoyment in the simple pleasures of life ... even when we know we'll be surrounded with challenges and difficulties along the way. Finding ways to boost your happiness level won't only put you in a better mood, but can also help boost your mental and physical state as well.

So, what are some ways you can increase your happiness levels, and improve your mood? There are endless choices, but let's look at five ways you can increase it today!

Enjoying the current moment

Although it's good to plan ahead and have goals for the future, being present in the moment at hand is key in enjoying life. Being anxious and worried about what might happen or letting stress consume you is exhausting! If you're noticing that you might need help calming down and enjoying the little moments, check out Enjoy herbal drops to aid in decreasing stress!

Taking care of your body

With hectic schedules, it can be challenging to fit time in the day for a bit of self-care; however, aiming for a healthy lifestyle is a huge help in the happiness arena! Eating right, working out, and getting enough sleep are all important factors in taking care of yourself - and likewise, feeling good about it.

Learning something new

Delving into a new activity that you've never done before can maximize happiness! Doing something that is totally new to you can be a challenge, but can ultimately end up being extremely rewarding.

Doing what you love to do

Playing with your kids, learning a new skill, excelling at a job you're passionate about...all these are things that not only enhance your overall life, but can bring extreme happiness. From boosting your confidence to achieving goals, doing things you love to do will also help make you a more well-rounded individual.

Being grateful for your life.

Science has it proven...being grateful for your experiences, achievements, family, and endless other things has been shown to decrease stress and depression, and can help you reflect on the positives of life.

Although these are just five ways to increase happiness, there are many more...and they all can help boost your mood, and improve your physical and mental health as well!

Guest blog from: Krista Harper.

With positive regards,🌿
 Lieve Plasch

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