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9 Tips on How to Live a More Relaxed Life


Do you want to remove some of the stressful obstacles in your life? Are you plagued with stress and anxiety to which you feel there is no end?

Here are 9 tips on how to get rid of stress and live a more relaxed life. Learn, and heal with nature and Go4Balance.

1. Accept Your Fears & Learn Your Limitations

It may not seem like it at first, but when you face your fears, you are taking one of the most important steps to reducing your stress level. Anxious beliefs limit our daily lives and influence us with every decision we make

How do you accept your fears?

Ask yourself: What are the limiting patterns that prevent you from daring to live life fully? Where are your negative beliefs and are there situations in which you feel uncomfortable and afraid? Instead of ignoring these fears, observe them. Take the time to accept them and engage in personal development. Investing in yourself helps you outgrow old patterns and be happier in life.

2. Seek Happiness in Everyday Situations

A simple change in perspective of even the littlest of things can change the way you feel, and bring more happiness into your life. 

Use your five senses to enjoy life. Smell beautiful flowers and strong coffee, walk or jog in the park, and meet positive and inspiring friends. Focusing on these things makes us more grateful and satisfied.

3. Implement Gratitude in Your Daily Life

Learning how to embrace gratitude is a fairly easy task. For example, you can start writing a thank you diary each morning, listing 3-5 things you are thankful for. 

In this way, we quickly adopt a more positive outlook. 

The best time of the day to express your gratitude is in the morning before you start your day. Take your time and you will see that, with this new pattern, life will start being less stressful and more inspiring. 

You can also look over your gratitude list before bedtime, which is an additional boost before you get some well-deserved rest.

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4. Discover the Power of Meditation

Have you ever tried to meditate? It's a great exercise that calms you down and allows you to focus on the present. It is a powerful tool for stress and stress related problems.

The positive effects of meditation:

  • Emotional stability
  • Strengthens our focus and provides clarity
  • Reduces anxiety 
  • Reduces stress
  • Strengthens our immune system
  • Helps with pain and discomfort caused by stress
  • Increases serotonin production

5. Surround Yourself with Positive People

It is said that people are, on average, as happy as the people they surround themselves with. That's why it's so important to spend time with people who embrace positivity, and who have the same goals as yours. 

Limit and re-evaluate the time spent on those who radiate negativity. Sometimes letting go of negativity is necessary to move forward.

6. Opt for Regular Exercise

Exercise as much as possible, and as often as your current lifestyle allows. Make minor changes, such as taking the stairs as opposed to the elevator or escalator. 

Better yet, find a physical activity such as yoga, jogging or walking, that you enjoy and make it a hobby. 

In addition, do not forget to stretch your body after sitting for a long time.

Love Nature.jpeg

7. Implement Time Management

Good time management ensures less stress. Those who organize their time well work more carefully and efficiently. They also find that they don't have anxious feelings of urgency and stress when there is enough time to do everything that needs to be done in an organized fashion.

8. Ask for Help

Everyone experiences difficult moments in their lives, and sometimes life can be extremely overwhelming.In this situation it is important that you ask for support from people you care about without being ashamed. A helping hand from someone you trust and a listening ear can provide extra peace of mind.

9. Trust the Wisdom and Power of Nature's Herbs

Nature is a healer, and oftentimes, we can find the best remedy simply by turning to nature. For example, these plants and herbs induce feelings of relaxation during stress:

Lavender, which soothes the nerves and provides a mental balance

Rhodiola Rosea or Rose Root, which strengthens your stress resistance

Sage, which strengthens the immune system and calms tense nervesLemon balm, which helps prevent and reduce symptoms of depression

Lady's Mantle, which eases painful periods

Thyme, which strengthens the immune system

Together, these herbs work to effectively remove stress and create a sense of overall balance and well-being.

Happy Family.jpeg

Which is why all seven of these herbs can be found in our Enjoy herbal drops and Enjoy cream. 

Why Choose Enjoy Herbal Drops?  

  • Rhodiola helps you cope with stressful periods. 
  • Thyme and sage, as well as the soothing lavender, chamomile and lemon balm, support your digestion. 
  • You regain a positive attitude with the help of lemon balm and chamomile, two herbs known for inducing a pleasant mood.
  • Thyme, sage and chamomile increase your natural resistance. 
  • Lady's Mantle and Sage offer just that little bit more comfort before and during menstruation.

You can find more information about our Enjoy Herbal Drops here

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and stress-free day 🌿

Warm greetings,

Lieve Plasch,

Licensed Psychologist and owner of Go4Balance Herbal Drops

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