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Love and support from yourself creates a happier YOU!

persoonlijke sessie bij psychologe Lieve Plasch

It seems we’ve missed out on a summer. And when the sun isn’t shining, it’s even more of a challenge to let our inner sun shine from day to day.When life doesn’t go as planned, it gives you the ideal opportunity to reinforce your connection with you. Your relationship with yourself needs attention.

Building a stronger relationship with you is an incredibly satisfying and liberating process. It takes time, patience and understanding.

Let me share a handful of tips that will help you reinforce your connection with you.

Open the gate to self-love!

Practice self-compassion. Compassion is key to a stronger relationship with yourself. It softens your soul.Self-compassion helps you understand yourself when times are difficult. It lets go of self-criticism and this release opens you up to self-love and self-care. 

Get in touch with your feelings and your body.

Our bodies are constantly filling us with sensations that try to tell us what we feel and what we need.The more you try to identify your feelings, the more you listen to them and the closer you get to your  natural intuition.

Your intuition is your life compass. Very subtle messages I used to ignore now tell me so much that I find it easy to make the right choices. Choices that are more in line with who I am and what truly makes me happy.

Discover your values ​.

We all have values, but how often do we analyse or even recognise them? And why do some take priority over others? 

It had been a while since I last made a list of my core values, so I decided to do it again.I discovered that my health, kindness to people and animals, an authentic connection with myself and others that is coloured by purity, respect and honesty makes me extremely happy.

ontdek jouw kernwaarden

Discovering your core values ​​helps you to know exactly who you are. When you know your core values, you automatically strengthen your connection with you, no matter what life throws at you. And it is easier to let go of those things that don’t fit in with your values.

Understand your needs and limits.

Identifying your core values ​​helps you recognise your needs.

Because I value my physical and mental health, taking care of my mind and body is an important basic need. I enjoy a healthy diet and take care of my body with natural aids such as herbs, natural cosmetics and healthy activities. I really love walking and yoga. 

From these insights I have created my set of personal limits. My path is limited to natural health care and I should cherish and protect this need.

Do you know your values? ​​And do you set boundaries to protect them?

Once your values are clear to you, it is easier to apply your limits wherever you are - at work, in a relationship, and when alone, just with you.

leef voor jouw waarden

Trust your inner wisdom.

Don't get too distracted by (social) media. Television, radio and social media all bring confusion to your life and make it easy to lose your connection with you. When you feel unsure of what you hear or see, face your feelings with love and become your own detective! Take time to discover your own truths rather than blindly follow the truth of another. 

Trust your own decisions and give yourself permission to live life from your own perspective!

Trusting yourself is a process that produces so much power. Increase your self-trust through daily introspection, meditation, keeping a diary of your feelings and doing activities that make you happy. This helps to be in touch with who you are. 

When you have a better sense of identity, you become stronger!

When you are stronger, you gain confidence. 

When you have confidence, you are more driven to take better care of yourself.

One thing always leads to another.

Do these things and you stimulate a positive flow of energy.

But most importantly, loving and supporting yourself creates a happier you.I sincerely wish you a happier, stronger, more confident you!

Would you like to start this process together?

Do you need a supportive session? A conversation from one soul to another? Why not arrange an online session with me. For more info: click here

What people are saying:

"Dear Lieve, thank you for the lovely and enlightening zoom conversation this afternoon. I hope I’ll succeed in my mission and develop a healing gentleness towards myself that comes from self-love and self-care, so I can follow my heart and to live completely through my intuition, my inner self and my life force 

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Keep the faith and take good care of yourself and your love ones. 🌷

With love,

Lieve Plasch

Lic Psychology & driving force behind Go4Balance.

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