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Tips for study and exam success!


Tips for better concentration during the study period.

The time that precedes the exams is a realy challenge for many student every year.. Fortunately, there are many ways to make your studies run that little bit more smoothly. The following tips are crucial for every student.

Draw up a study schedule

The reason why this tip might feel like a cliché is because it’s the truth. Anyone who plans their study time (and sticks to it) will reap the rewards. A well thought-out schedule means less stress because, when you follow your schedule correctly, there is no need to panic. 

Draw up your study schedule a few weeks before it’s time to start studying and, with a little willpower, you can achieve great results. The right start wins half the battle!

Ensure a good day/night rhythm

We study best after we have eaten. Mornings are ideal times to memorise facts and figures – we perform best between 8am and 12pm. A good night's sleep is extremely important, so you should wind down in the evening as this greatly improves sleep quality. You can also use Trust herbal drops which contribute to restorative sleep. These drops soothe and mildly sedate your nervous system.

Opt for order and structure

Clutter provides distraction. Make sure your desk, room or table in the library is always neat and ordered. There’s no need to use hundreds of ballpoint or fluorescent pens; only put the essentials on your working space.

Healthy diet

It has been proven that students who eat both healthily and regularly perform better. Everything starts with a good breakfast. Think muesli, (healthy) cereal, yoghurt, wholemeal bread and other healthy choices. Perhaps you don’t feel very hungry in the morning - in which case, think of that exam question that you are going to ace because you took the time to eat some yoghurt that morning. Fast food is a no-go during the study period. The energy supplied by these foods is absorbed very quickly, and all those excess calories linger.

Get some air

Your mum or dad might often say, "Shouldn't you go for a walk? A little fresh air will do you good." As annoying as this might be, their advice is correct. Exercise and fresh air wake up the brain and give you the energy you need to properly absorb the next chapter. And no, opening the window doesn't count.

Give your brain regular pit stops

Taking regular breaks is an absolute must. 15 minutes every hour doing as little as possible is ideal. That's plenty of time to slice up a piece of fruit and make a smoothie. You should also put your books and electronic devices aside at least an hour before you go to sleep. This habit helps you to fall asleep more quickly. 

A helping hand from nature.

A true winner during examination periods is the group of herbs contained inside every bottle of Focus herbal drops. These natural ingredients support your learning capacity and contribute to a clear mind and top concentration levels.

🌱How do I use Focus herbal drops?

Take Focus with your breakfast and lunch, and in the late afternoon. Add them to a glass of water or fruit juice and drink. Simple. 

Do you study late at night?

Take Focus drops at dinner, too. To increase the effect, I recommend the essential oils found in Focus cream (Lemon, Eucalyptus and Lavender). 

Rub the cream on your temples, third eye and other areas like the wrists. 

Additional locations can be found in the instructions inside the packaging. I wish you all the best with your studies and exam results!

Take care of yourself,

Lieve Plasch. 

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