trust plus glycerin provides the life force! Peace and energy in 1 bottle!

trust plus glycerine.
herbal drops - 30 ml

I intensify the life force.

€ 20.95

I intensify the life force.

Are you often under pressure? Do you have a full agenda and little space to relax?

Are you a caregiver and do you take on many responsibilities?

Is your lifestyle characterized by a lot of stress, busyness and always being busy?

Today, many people experience stress and feelings of restlessness. Prolonged unrest and stress are not healthy for the body and mind.

Therefore, a supportive remedy from nature for more resilience, mental balance and gently building energy.

🌺 These herbal drops are suitable for children and young people who are often under pressure (e.g. pressure from school, ...) and tired.

Schisandra and common nettle fortify and vitalise both body and soul. 

Trust Plus is a synergistic blend of five herbs. Schisandra and common nettle extracts provide a natural tonic that increases vitality in both body and soul. 

Instructions for use:

Take 2 x 10 to max. 3 x 15 Trust Glycerine herbal drops (adults) or 2 x 6 drops (ages 3- 5 years) and up to 2 x 10 (ages 6- 12 years)

🌱Did you know that schisandra is one of the top adaptogens? 

An adaptogen helps the body to adjust (adapt) in the presence of stress and so help you to resist its damaging effects.What can I do to increase a sense of calm and boost vitality in my life?

Peace of mind and inner calm is best achieved with a healthy lifestyle that focuses on relaxing activities. Add time for complete relaxation and gentle exercise to your daily life, finding quiet moments to enjoy yoga, sports, and relaxation and breathing exercises. 

Strive for a balanced and varied natural diet. Turn your back on alcohol and cigarettes and instead opt for water, a soothing tea or a herbal infusion.Go to bed on time - a good night's sleep is necessary for the health and function of body and mind.

Why choose glycerine macerates in linseed?

Those who prefer not to use alcohol, simply swap the hydro-ethanol bases with the glycerine macerates of the same herbs. This is the perfect solution for children!

Benefits:100% alcohol-free

Drops can be applied directly to the tongue and do not need to be diluted

Even a  delicious sweet taste, all natural, without added flavourings or sugar

.🌱Tip: start with the lowest dose. You can always increase it later on, if necessary. Each dose is the equivalent of an energy boost that supports the body's self-healing capacity. Give your body a little time to achieve balance.It usually takes 4 to 8 weeks before you begin to feel the effect. If you have been out of balance for a longer period of time (> 12 months), the effect will naturally require more time.Regular intake is more important than increasing the dose. Just like the other Trust variants – Trust and Trust Mild - Trust  Plus  Glycerine provides a grounded feeling.

When do I use Trust Plus? 

Schisandra helps you to deal with stressful periods, including work-related stress, exam periods, family quarrels, losing a loved one, financial insecurity and job interviews. 

For short-term fatigue, take advantage of the energising combination of schisandra and common nettle. 

Marjoram boosts nervous system function. Oat, marjoram and schisandra promote inner cleansing power – the perfect New Year’s cure. 

Rosehip and marjoram increase natural immunity.

Oat, common nettle and rosehip are also good for the skin.

🌱Combinations: Trust Plus works well in combination with other herbal drop varieties such as Enjoy, Enjoy 45+, Enjoy 45+ Mild, Menpower 45+ and Focus.

🌱Tip: Discover TRUST cream for external use, a massage cream based upon three essential oils that combine to create a harmonious perfume.


 Biological glycerine macerates from  Linseed (Linum usitatissimum)  of rosehip, marjoram, oat, common nettle and schisandra..

Consult your doctor or pharmacist if you a  are taking oral anticoagulant medications.

A dietary supplement should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, but can help to provide additional nutrients.

trust plus glycerin provides the life force! Peace and energy in 1 bottle!


Discover more about the ingredients:

Nettle Nettle is a herb full of nutrients that can provide relief for a number of ailments.

Oat, Trust Plus Oats are known as mild sedative in insomnia, nervous palpitations, reduced concentration and neurasthenia (nervous exhaustion, inter alia, accompanied by insomnia and irritability).

Marjoram Marjoram contains at least 20 different types of essential oils, and supports an array of bodily functions.

Roseship Rosehip is a good help to strengthen the natural resistance.

Schisandra Schisandra gives one a boost when it comes to energy and sharpness of the mind.

How to use?

Find out here how and how often to use this product.

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