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trust mild glycerine.
herbal drops - 30 ml

I bring peace of mind.

Child remedy.

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I bring peace of mind.

Passion flower, lemon balm, lavender, little-leaf linden and Californian poppy allow the body and mind to rest.

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Why choose glycerine macerates in linseed?

Those who prefer not to use alcohol, simply swap the hydro-ethanol bases with the glycerine macerates of the same herbs. This is the perfect solution for children!


  • 100% alcohol-free
  • Drops can be applied directly to the tongue and do not need to be diluted
  • Delicious sweet taste, all natural, without added flavourings or sugar

Instructions for use:

Take 2 x 10 to max. 3 x 15 Trust Mild Glycerine herbal drops (adults) or 2 x  3 à 5 drops (ages 3- 5 years) and up to 2 x 7 à 10 (ages 6- 12 years).

🌱Tip: start with the lowest dose. You can always increase it later on, if necessary. 

Each dose is the equivalent of an energy boost that supports the body's self-healing capacity. Give your body a little time to achieve balance.

It usually takes 4 to 8 weeks before you begin to feel the effect. If you have been out of balance for a longer period of time (> 12 months), the effect will naturally require more time.

Regular intake is more important than increasing the dose.

Just like the other Trust variants – Trust and Trust Mild - Trust Mild Glycerine provides a grounded, calm feeling.

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When should you opt for Trust Mild?

  • For inner turmoil, mental pressure, stage fright or exam nerves, passion flower, lemon balm, lavender, little-leaf linden and Californian poppy provide valuable support for a calm and relaxed daytime feeling without sleepiness.
  • Having trouble concentrating during the day? Is your head full of racing thoughts? Lemon balm is known for its ability to focus your energy and increase concentration. It will also lighten your mood.
  • In times of stress, passion flower and Californian poppy provide an extra portion of resilience.
  • If you take these drops in the evening, passion flower, lemon balm, lavender, little-leaf linden and Californian poppy will help you to achieve a good night’s sleep.
  • Extra benefit: common verbena and little-leaf linden increase your natural resistance against stress.

🌱Tip: if your particular imbalance has lasted longer than 6 months, always use Trust Mild Glycerine in combination with Trust Cream.


Just like TRUST herbal drops, TRUST MILD provides a grounded feeling. Passion flower, lemon balm, lavender, little-leaf linden and Californian poppy create a sense of calm.

The herbs in TRUST MILD also act as a filter, creating a barrier for the negative things in life and letting the positive ones through. Lemon balm offers a sense of clarity and certainty that encourages throughout the day.

Discover our TRUST cream for external use, a massage cream based on three essential oils with harmonious perfumes.


 Biological glycerine macerates from  Linseed (Linum usitatissimum)  of passion flower, lemon balm, lavender, Californian poppy, common verbena and little-leaf linden.

If you are taking prescription medications such as antidepressants, opt for Trust Mild herbal drops which do not contain St John’s Wort.

Do not take Trust herbal drops as these do contain St John’s Wort. Ask your doctor for further advice.

Not to be used when pregnant.

A dietary supplement should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, but can help to provide additional nutrients.

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Discover more about the ingredients:

Passionflower This herb strengthens weak nerves during the day, as well as during the night, to promote healthy sleep.

Balm Mint Balm mint is a calming, uplifting and relaxing herb ideal for exam stress or stage fright.

Lavender Lavender calms the body and brings one back into balance.

Lime Blossom Lime blossom creates a more peaceful and calm environment.

Golden Poppy Golden Poppy is a soothing natural product, especially useful for stress.

Vervain Vervain creates a more relaxed demeanor and allows you to flow with life.

How to use?

Find out here how and how often to use this product.

Any more questions?

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