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Drink your acne away with a natural skin detox remedy!


Drink your acne away with a natural skin detox remedy!

For many, a skin disposed to acne and spots can be an absolute nightmare! The beauty industry meets this sense of disquiet with all kinds of creams, exfoliants and laser treatments. Desperate people are searching for a remedy that will relieve them of stubborn acne, often parting with large sums of money for expensive products and medicines in their personal war against skin imperfections.

The correct approach - cleansing from within.

 Did you know that the secret - the key to healthy, glowing skin - is nothing to do with a topical remedy?! I would like to give you the best, correct advice from the perspective of natural medicine, and show you how you can definitively cleanse your skin from all impurities. Know your skin Knowing that your skin is formed from various layers is an absolute must (epidermis, dermis and hypodermis or subcutaneous tissue). In order to achieve true change with long-term results, adjustments must be made throughout every layer.

The deeper layers of the dermis require approximately 4 to 6 weeks to make their way to the epidermis. This means that every change in diet or every dietary supplement must be taken for at least this length of time before the first signs of healing become visible. For the healing of a skin disorder, this timespan can extend to 3 to 6 months!

To meet these requirements, Go4Balance has developed a 100% organic Clear Skin Detox range which tackles acne and skin impurities long-term, right down to the deepest layers. (Have a look at our website testimonials).

Step One:
Drink your acne away with Clear Skin Detox herbal drops.
How? Take 7 to 10 Clear Skin Detox Drops in a large glass of water 3 times a day. You might prefer to put the drops in a litre bottle and drink throughout the day. A 4 - 6 week cure is imperative to witness the first signs of healing. For those with very long-standing acne and other skin blemishes, a cure of 12 to 16 weeks is recommended for complete healing.

Step Two:
Before going to sleep, cleanse the skin and dot acne zones or single spots with the Clear Skin Detox roller. This roller contains a mix of 9 high-performance, natural ingredients which prevent the skin from drying out. They contribute to a balanced skin flora, correct sebum production, and also soothe inflammation.

Step Three:
Make changes to your diet and lifestyle.  Acne is caused by excess sebum production through the overstimulation of the sebaceous gland. This sebum then becomes infected. Excess sebum production can be the result of imbalances in the hormones (such as during puberty, the menopause and menstruation), the adrenal glands, the liver, and the digestive system, or as the result of an unhealthy diet. It is therefore essential to incorporate a plant-based diet! 🌿

The only drink that will help to flush out toxins is water! Ban alcohol, caffeine and (diet) fizzy drinks! They pollute at a cellular level and are never recommended for those with skin problems. Choose green or white tea or a smoothie made from green, leafy vegetables such as spinach, adding cucumber and half an apple or kiwi.

• smoking is extremely damaging to your skin, polluting and aging every layer
• drastically reduce dietary saturated fats (red meats and pork should be prohibited)
• replace dairy (cheese, yoghurt, butter) with healthy, plant-based alternatives (rice-, coconut- or nut-milks, etc.)
• ban sugar and highly processed foods (chocolate, biscuits, sweets, white bread, pasta), choosing fruit and whole-wheat alternatives instead.
For sensitive stomachs opt for gluten-free products which will bring gut flora levels back into balance - or use a natural therapy : Flora Protect Herbal Drops
• take the time to incorporate yoga, relaxation techniques, deep-breathing exercises and light physical exercise.
Excess stress and anxiety overstimulate the adrenal glands, symptoms of which include skin breakouts.
For a natural helping hand, ENJOY and TRUST herbal drops help instil a feeling of relaxation and calm
• choose organic day and night creams, and natural make-up products!

        ✔️ Coming soon: as from October , we will be adding organic day and night creams to our Clear Skin range. These have been specifically developed for sensitive skin.

 Inspiration for a healthy diet.

🌿Have a green smoothie for breakfast, or a gluten-free porridge using plant-based milk.
For lunch, try an organic soup or green, leafy salad with vegetarian protein sources such as lentils, bio-egg, chickpeas or tofu.
Make your own dressing with cold-pressed sunflower or olive oil - these healthy fats regenerate the skin from the deepest layers up. For taste, add a few drops of lemon juice and fresh herbs like basil, coriander and parsley. Top with pine-nuts, cherry tomatoes and an avocado. Enjoy a healthy snack - fruit, almonds, or raw vegetables. In the evening, make your choice between a sweet potato (or other complex carbohydrates - spelt, brown rice, etc.) with steamed vegetables and a serving of fish or poultry.
 Alternate days with fish/poultry and vegetarian protein sources. Bon appetit!  

Last, but not least, take time to wind down before going to bed. A restorative night's rest also has an important role to play in your journey to healthy, happy skin.

🌿 If you have any questions relating to our range of herbal drops, please let me know,

 With love, Lieve.

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