Blog 23rd of March 2020

Covid-19 brings the world to a standstill.

Covid-19 brings the world to a standstill. 

Suddenly, the world fell still.Most of us have had a miserable time in recent weeks. No-one could have imagined that 2020 would come to represent so much fear and uncertainty. The Corona (Covid-19) virus has forced the entire globe to stop in its tracks. 

Even in New York, the city that never sleeps, the streets are silent. 

We are all affected by the turn towards social distancing; this limitation to our freedom of movement is, for most, a completely new experience. Many of us have extra free time, something we never had enough of before. Suddenly, we have time. This time can be spent looking inwards, concentrating on personal introspection.

Just as with a personal crisis, we have been given an opportunity to ‘wake up’ and become ‘conscious’ of how we, as individuals, interact with ourselves and our environment. 

Introspection: questions to ask yourself. 

Am I happy?

Do I feel energetic and healthy? 

Am I in harmony with my emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health? 

Is the work that I do an extension of my SELF? 

Does my work empower me?

 Are my relationships with others nourishing and positive? 

Is my relationship with what I eat in complete balance?

 Am I sufficiently connected to nature? 

These essential questions invite you to step back into your CORE. Awareness or ‘waking up’ brings you towards the next step, ACCEPTANCE. We need to accept in order to take a fresh path, trusting our need to leave the ‘old’ route behind with a sense of gratitude.

Just as the natural world continues to transform and adapt, so the life-path of a free-thinking person should change shape and move forward.

"Life cannot be controlled, but you can choose to adapt to change.”

Positive, hopeful, constructive...or fearful, uncertain, doubtful and pessimistic.

As I have written in other blogs:

"The Lord of CHAOS is an excellent teacher.”

He takes us to the core of our being and prepares us for something bigger, something more authentic and pure. 

It is important to remain grounded during this process.

Perhaps you can opt for daily awareness sessions using belly breathing, meditation or simply spending time outdoors, surrounded by nature. These natural aids keep you calm and help you to maintain a distance between old habits and your ‘new life in the making’.

Trust is the key. Trust requires courage. Courage to leap from your comfort zone.

 Our biggest dreams and possibilities are not to be found within our comfort zone and appear once the veil of fear has lifted. Only then can you prepare for RENEWAL or TRANSFORMATION. 

Live life to the full, be self-aware, make conscious choices - these facets of life are bound to one another. Strong roots require time to form, only then can these facets develop and grow. 

Take it slow, step by step, without racing for the finish line. 

That which starts big often ends small. But what starts small and strong develops roots and seeds that continue to spread throughout the future. 

My greatest source of inspiration is nature. 

Consider the ancient oak tree that began as a tiny acorn lying invisible under the ground. 

This acorn fought through the dark into the light, only able to take advantage of the warmth and light of the sun once it had broken through. 

This part of its life required significant growth and perseverance. 

Persevere, even when you don’t experience immediate results as you take the first steps of a new life-path. 

The new path, the new world, is not one that brings us to success and results but is a route to happiness, health, balance and contentment.

Do you feel that this crisis is awakening your core?

Are you ready for a new life-path? 

Would you benefit from an illuminating chat, a deep breathing session, the powers of visualisation or extra support from Go4Balance herbal drops?

I would be honoured to help you find the right path to a more conscious way of living!

I wish you health, vitality and happiness, all of which contribute to your levels of resistance.

 Sincerely, 🌿 

Lieve Plasch

Lic. Psychologie

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