focus glycerine productfocus glycerin, natural support of concentration. Natural  children's remedy

focus glycerine.
herbal drops - 30ml

I bring concentration and structure.

€ 20.95

I bring concentration and structure.

Ginkgo biloba boosts concentration.

Take 2 x 10 to max. 3 x 15  Focus  Glycerine herbal drops (adults) or 2 x  3 à 5 drops (ages 3- 5 years) and up to 2 x 7 à 10  (ages 6- 12 years).

Ginkgo is perfect for students studying for exams and for anyone who wishes to sharpen their mind. 

This herb is also used for older adults in order to remain alert. Thanks to the gingko contained in FOCUS herbal drops, your ability to focus on today’s tasks will be enhanced, concentration levels receive a boost and memory is improved. 

You will be more insightful and have a better perception of your chosen life path.

🌱Reading tipTips for better concentration during the study period.


When should I take Focus herbal drops?

  •  Having trouble staying focused? Gingko will help to increase your concentration levels. Gingko also increases learning potential and memory, keeping you completely up-to-date. It improves both your mental endurance and your mental balance.
  • Mistletoe, hawthorn and ginkgo improve blood circulation.
  • Mint and hyssop open the airway.
  •  Mistletoe, mint and elderberry increase resistance to stress.
  •  Mistletoe, elderberry and ginkgo are all powerful antioxidants that protect the body’s cells (including the brain cells) against oxidative stress.


Ginkgo in Focus Glycerine  herbal drops supports your ability to concentrate and helps you to connect with your consciousness and see things in perspective again. 

Your mental balance will be given a boost and you will find yourself able to handle every situation with a lighter sense of being. In short, you will view life from a perspective filled with Light and Love.

🌱Tip: Discover our FOCUS cream for external use, a massage cream based on three essential oils with harmonious perfumes.


Biological glycerine macerates from  Linseed (Linum usitatissimum)  of mistletoe, ginkgo,  mint, hyssop, elderberry en hawthorn .

Consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking anticoagulant medications.

Not to be used when pregnant or breastfeeding.

A dietary supplement should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, but can help to provide additional nutrients.

focus glycerine productfocus glycerin, natural support of concentration. Natural  children's remedy
focus glycerine productfocus glycerin, natural support of concentration. Natural  children's remedy


Discover more about the ingredients:

Ginkgo Ginkgo supports brain functioning, and blood circulation while being a powerful antioxidant.

Mitsletoe Ondersteunt de bloedsomloop. Maretak is een uitstekende antioxidant en verhoogt je natuurlijke weerstand.

Hawthorn Hawthorn is a soothing herb that is great for optimal blood circulation.

Peppermint Peppermint is great for concentration, and helps induce relaxation.

Vegetable glycerine 100% vegetable glycerine – from coconut, palm and rapeseed oils Glycerine hydrates and protects the upper dermis, making the skin feel and look so much softer.

Hyssop Hyssop promotes alertness and mental clarity

How to use?

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