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10 Ways You Can Improve Your Quality Of Sleep Today

Those who have a healthy sleeping pattern are not only more awake and energetic, but also, on average, live a much healthier life. So if you're one of those who suffer from a disrupted sleeping pattern, here are 10 useful tips to help you get your much-needed rest back on track. 

1. Change your environment
It has been said that sleeping in complete silence, as well as in a dark room, will reduce your level of stress during the night. This, in turn, will help you to regenerate and recover. 

2. Eating Patterns
Those who eat late at night, especially greasy and fatty foods, are often those who are plagued with lack of sleep. That is because your digestive track is hard at work, draining your energy, whilst you're trying to get some shut eye. It is also reduces the amount of cell regeneration that should be taking place at night. For that reason, it is recommended that you eat 2-3 hours before bedtime - a light meal with little or no dairy. 

3. Disconnect
Not only does having a mobile phone nearby contribute to less sleep, but the radiation is also a factor when it comes to getting some rest. This is because the endocrine glands, especially the melatonin-producing gland, is disturbed. Melatonin is a powerful hormone that is responsible for a well-balanced sleep, as it gives us a calming and sleep-induced effect. At the same time however, this hormone is sensitive to electricity, such as mobile phones and televisions. Thus, it's better to switch off in order to give your body a rest.

4. Alcohol and Cigarettes
Alcohol consumption and smoking in the evening plays a big role in whether one gets a good night's sleep or not. And despite the fact that some alcoholic beverages give off a sleep-induced effect, this is actually a negative attribute, as it does not promote regeneration and restfulness. How so? Your blood sugar level will drop, causing the release of the hormone, adrenaline. This, in turn, results in a lack of deep sleep and a feeling of lethargy the next day.

5. Fresh Air
Fresh air inside your bedroom is always a great idea. In fact, even a slightly open window at night can do wonders for our quality of sleep, as it increases the amount of oxygen. An ideal boost however, would be to go outside in order to breathe in the cool night air before bed. 

6. Caffeine 
It's well-known that caffeine gives one an energy boost, as it increases your heart rate and has a stimulant-like effect - like a drug. This causes an excess production of adrenalin and a decreased production of serotonin - a hormone that gives you a calming effect, beneficial for sleep. For that reason, control your caffeine intake, especially in the evenings, for a much better sleep.

7. Room Temperature
A cool room has been found to increase one's quality of sleep, as it lowers your chance of sweating. Adversely, if it is too cold, you may also be disrupted. Thus, finding your perfect room temperature is imperative for a great night's sleep.

8. Quality of Your Mattress
The mattress on which you sleep at night plays in important role in your level of sleep, as it is important that you feel comfortable at night. Not only that, but sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress can contribute to all sorts of back problems, tension, headaches, and neck pain. 

9. Develop an Evening Ritual 
Routine in our daily lives is a great way in which to live optimally because our body loves routine. For that reason, try to incorporate an evening ritual, such as turning off all electronics, reading before bed, or even taking a bath, so that your body is well-rested and prepared for sleep.

10. Natural Herbs 
Nature provides us with many health benefits that are effective without the dreaded side effects. Ginger, for example, is a great plant that has proven a great aid in improving one's sleep quality. Take note however, that this plant shouldn't be taken immediately before bed. Why? Ginger stimulates the intestinal tract, and has a diuretic and energizing effect. 

If you're looking for a natural aid to help you before bed time, the Valerian plant is well-known for its calming effect, as well as the passion flower, which has acts as an anti-anxiety. Additionally, St. John's Wort is a natural anti-depressant, and Vervain helps with stress-related symptoms such as insomnia and exhaustion. 

With that, all of the above natural ingredients can be found in our Trust herbal drops. These drops work to support your body during its natural sleeping process, and rid you of feelings of anxiety and stress. They are also a natural remedy for those living with ADHD, as it induces a state of relaxation and concentration. For more information, and to purchase, you can follow the link here

I wish you a good night's sleep, and a day full of energy and productivity. 

Best regards,
Lieve Plasch 

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